Friday, September 23, 2011

When good news can be bad...........

Jovial was telling me the other day that if he chose to go to a "function" where Najib (yes,our PM) will be "riding bicycle" to raise fund for Chinese schools in Penang this coming Sunday,he will be given RM10 as an allowance,cheekily he said he would not want to go unless given RM50.

Of late,it really got me thinking of something politically speaking,why suddenly there was this good news,that good news.Why suddenly the repeal of ISA,why PM wants to "ride bicycle" to raise fund for Chinese schools,why the gomen has in principal agreed to give "financial aids" to those who earn less than RM3 k a month,mirroring what Hong Kong and Singapore were doing? why.

I was just thinking to myself, could the gomen be so kind if there was no 308 political tsunami,could the gomen be so people centric, to the extent of "aiding" the so called poor and even with our budget deficit? In retrospect,I think change is good,therefore we must keep changing.

Personally I really don't feel at ease with all these goodies,simply because I feel there is never a free lunch in this world. Millions upon millions can be spent NOW to make one look good(irrespective whether to regain the lost states or the two third majority) but we are not like Hong Kong and Singapore where they have surplus budget and the people must realize that we are spending the "future" money.

In bad time, we need money to prime the economy,to stimulate "local purchase" and do we really think "bad time" is not nigh? look at Greece,look at Italy and many to come.

I like it when my youngest son Marvell tells me this,"Papa, eating too much sweet things is bad for our health" I agree with that and we must always remember too much of good news sometimes can be bad and seriously "there is no free lunch one"

Have a great weekend and do spend wisely, when we see RED few days in a row in the stock market,you can sense that the bear is rearing its ugly head already....

Note : You can play a prank on the radio, watch a match or two of MU,try acting cool, we can still tell what's real cool and what's a real fool.

P/S : 不要打肿脸皮充胖子.....I shall remain squeamish and mollycoddling is no good


  1. Yes, heard that the market slumped.. and heard that 40 declaring bankrupt daily in Malaysia.. wonder when Malaysia can be in par with Singapore as it was in the 1960s...

  2. Good news follow by election, then baru bad news.... tsk tsk...

  3. it's human nature, i guess. we don't do something expecting nothing back in return :P

  4. when they need votes then got alot of freebies, angpows going around.i think its a waste to spend money like this.. so many poor ppl around they should give it to those that really needs it

  5. That's also our money, our past, now and future money.
    Oops, suddenly I can think of the big big diamond ring on Lady Gajah's finger, and her proverb, "sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit". Oh! My money.

  6. Good post entry, Eugene.

    I also believe there's no free lunch in the world. Well....maybe there is, but may cause food poisoning. (27 Aug 2011( MUAR ) Nearly 120 pupils of SJK Chin Kwang Wahyu in Parit Jawa here came down with food poisoning apparently after drinking some milk ...

    I'm afraid very soon our country will be like a candy shop with no more sweet available. It will then be really bitter...sigh...

  7. Rumors saying election on March 2012. So now it's the time distribute free candies. Ytd watch the video clip at TV. Lagu `PM Kita' Untuk Perdana Menteri by ND Lala.

    “PM kita untuk semua. Tak kira kaum tak kira budaya" (eeee oh gosh) video clips here -

  8. I pray for Najib to fall down from the bike.

    The most important socialinvention from the West is Freedom of Speech. With Freedom of Speech one can voice one's opinions.
    If they have nothing to hide, what is wrong with Freedom of speech.
    The police and army should be here to protect our Freedom of Speech and our right to express and protest.
    Our goverment use the police and army to protect thier own interests and $$$$.

  9. Election next month...before SPM/STPM exams in Novemeber.

  10. haha i sien dy every time also like that. before election is all the good show coming out. after that, what was said is already forgotten.

    yeah the economic status is sure is a concern... hmmm

  11. I can smell election soon.
    Let's not be conned by all this handout. As you said it there is no free lunch in the world and certainly as far as Umno are concerned.

  12. Marvell is absolutely right the sweet could be bad later 先甜後苦 *xiān tián hòu kǔ* [lit. first sweet later bitter].

  13. Before election is always good news...we'll see later what's the result after the election....

  14. najib is in town here and heard that he's having seafood in one of the chinese rest in tg tuallang, a small town famous for its fresh waterprawns..spreading his 1Malaysia spirit and now everyone says..''election is coming..election is coming "..i wonder if he brings any good news to the kampong folks there...