Friday, September 16, 2011

I love Ahmad,Ah Chong and Samy too

My blog has no place for serious politicking but once a while I would like to spice it up a bit here and there when I could spot some farce politically, what more today being a Malaysia day................

You see recently we have all those debates about how we hate those communists and argue who was the real hero and who was not during the era of British colonization.We bring back the memories of the communists atrocity inflicted upon the innocents during those times.

You see,I am not too sure if you can still remember,they took someone away,incarcerated them under the so called EO because they thought that these guys were trying to bring back communism in this country,funny enough we are trying very hard forging bilateral ties with the communist super power like China? Our DPM was there recently,kan?

You see,during the world war 2,so many Malaysians were killed by the Japanese,my father was a victim too,innocents buried alive,women raped,children killed all because of Japanese Imperialism but look at us now, we are so good with the Japanese,(at one time,I was so eager to marry a Japanese onna no too)

You see despite the once Japanese cruelty,now we can travel so freely to Japan and they to us, no embargo no nothing and I wonder why we still can't forgive Chin Peng who happened to be a communist taiko here and let this old man come back to his home land in his dying years?

You see why are we celebrating Merdeka and Malaysia Day, when someone said,we were not really colonized by the British?

Enough said,let us enjoy this Holiday and this post is solely my opinion, in no way intended to take side, to hurt anyone or to justify the wrong and GOD Bless Malaysia

P/S : Let bygones be bygones


  1. Best thing to do! Get rid of both need for public holidays. We have too many already...not like countries overseas.

    And those meaningless holidays that they always put on Saturdays every year - those can go also. Just excuses for them to spend money to celebrate...and not really a holiday for us, being on a weekend. Tsk! Tsk!

  2. Most of politicians are sociopaths by nature.

    Our current system with limited press freedom are designed specifically to protect these goons rather than us, the citizens.

    The elderly "leaders" in our system forgot the kids have grown up. Many have left the "kampung" and seen Paris.

    They cannot keep telling the same ghostly tale to frighten the kids and hope to keep them in line.

  3. Happy Holidays to you!

    Singapore no holiday so utterly sad... Singapore got limited days too, in which is why Singaporeans treasure their annual leaves hahaa!

    Hope you have a great day ahead!

  4. Bro, I reckon! It is all in history, we need to move forward n improved.
    Happy holiday bro.

  5. Well, despite what the politicians want to paint and tell us, Malaysians are now worldly citizens.

    History is best learned to move forward and not backwards.


    Happy Malaysia day!

  6. Happy Holiday to us... i think our gomen will never change... sigh..