Friday, July 01, 2011

My son, Me and Pornography ........

Was on the way for lunch after picking up my Jovial from school yesterday, we love talking a lot while in the car, suddenly with much excitement he said he got something to share with me.

Jovial," Papa, i got my result already, class position No 5, whole form position No 25"
Eugene," Jo, you've done well, remember last term you were No 20 in the class and to be frank i am so proud of you" I extended my left hand to connect with his right hand as a gesture of my "salute" to him.

As we cruised along to our "makan" destination......... i said this to him that i wanted to share with him something too.

Eugene, " Jovial, while i was waiting to pick you up just now at my usual coffee shop, a friend of mine showed papa a porn movie on his hand phone."
Jovial, " Did you watch it papa?"
Eugene," I did for a short while but i stopped it when he said he wanted to "bluetooth" to me"

A pause ensued, then i asked.

Eugene," Jo, next time if your friend or friends show you any pron material, would you tell me about it" another pause,then he continued.
Jovial," Sure i will, papa, don't worry about it".................and i trust that he would

Just for sharing, have a great weekend and God Bless

P/S : If you want to go inside, you got to open the door


  1. Good and fruitful conversation, using alternative way to tell them so as to tell you too.. i must learn from u :)

  2. You and your boys have a very good relationship. Em I do hope my kids will close to me when they grow bigger in future.

  3. Wow... cheeky papa, wht a trick t get your boys to share their secrets!!! Must jot it down for future usage...(scritch scratch...)

  4. No no no, it is not a trick,it was a real event...........but believe it would be nice to open up to even our children, even some taboo subjects

  5. Maybe he has seen? Just tell him not to indulge in it.

  6. What would be your reaction be if one day Jovial runs to you and said..

    Jovial: Papa a friend showed me a porn video the guy looks like you lah?

  7. LOL at Bananaz's comment :D

    Happy Friday and happy weekend!

  8. Kindly ignore the answer just trying to relate to a real case and very concerned how our kids going to handle the situation. With wisdom or confusion or frustration or distortion of life?. Can forget and leave out the politikus. The children's conception and feelings are most important. Wonder Jovial will ask you on this?

  9. Congrats on your son's achievement. I am sure you are a proud papa and this will have a celebration soon?

  10. it's good to be able to discuss some of these subjects with your children. Most youths nowadays only share this kind of topic with their peers. Y not telling it to papa or mama?

  11. first congrats to your son jovial.I really admire they way you interact with your son. good job Eugene.

  12. good that you can speak openly about these things with him

  13. Ok noted, next time I would tell my son the same too... sharing is caring wer.

    LOL@bananaz's comment!!!

  14. lol on Bananaz's first comment.

    By the way, Jovial sure will ask his friend "bluetooth" to him, he then will share with you, no worry.

  15. Haha, i loled when I saw Bananaz comment too. :P

    Good psychology, you really know how to bring up your kids.