Saturday, July 02, 2011

If i were to be Najib.................

As i was going through some online news, there was so much ado and hullabaloo about this impending Bersih 2.0 rally slated to be held on the 9th of July in KL and concurently in some cities across Malaysia for a fair and just election system, i was thinking why should it be banned?

So,if i were to be Najib, I would, in regards to the Bersih 2.0 rally, allow it provided they could,

1)Walk and rally in peaceful manner, routes and starting and ending time should be clearly stated, when time's up, disperse peacefully.

2)No children be allowed in the rally, no compromise on this.

3)The walk should not hinder the business community in the vicinity

4)No instigation of different political standpoints and views

And if i were to be Najib, i too would walk in this rally for a fair and just election system based on the principal of democracy. for who does not want a fair and just in whatever system.

Please excuse me, my blog is not a political blog but i really do not see anything wrong in walking for a fair and just system, for whatever it may be..........

By the way, i want to buy the Bersih 2.0 t shirt for investment purpose for it is now a banned item, anything that has such connotation may one day be sought after for its once historical value, kan? Anyone know where i can get hold one of these Bersih T shirts ?

P/S : I Love this Country........... and i love Ahmad, Muthu and Ah Chong too


  1. I totally agree. If you've got nothing to hide, why the big fuss about deeming the march illegal, just let them go ahead and be done with it.

    'P/S : I Love this Country........... and i love Ahmad, Muthu and Ah Chong too' ... well said! I love this country too.

  2. I agree with you. Why are the powers that be so scared of rallies esp those to held in a peaceful manner?

    They have something to hide lah must be.

    Dont really understand what was the fuss about. :(

  3. Ya...unfortunately, you are not!

  4. Hi, I happened to come across your blog title and too curious not to come and take a look. I like what you've written and do agree that the Bersih rally should be allowed. And hey, maybe you're right, I should try to get that yellow shirt too in case one day it can be auctioned at a higher price than Ghandi's glasses. I am sure many out there are willing to pay the price... for true democracy.

  5. I love Siti, Shanti and Ah Lian all the same....hahahaha

  6. Whenever any of this sort happens they are pretty good and should be nominated to receive the Oscar Award for causing massive traffic jams all over the roads heading to kat lum por. The small mata mata minus the big dog just set up road blocks in the middle of the road chit chatting leaving the public fuming mad with the crawl.*haiz*. So when are you going to be Najib?

  7. I will vote for you if you were Najib.
    Politicians typically use fear and divide to control us. They like to divide us into different races, religions, schools...
    After dividing us, they use control of media, rallies, speech to manipulate us so they can help themsleves to rampant corruption.
    They are all in it for the money and power only. We should be able to vote them in and out evey few years. We cannot really voice all the vices they do as they control the media.

  8. Unfortunately you are not Najib Eugene, so what you want to do, will not he is too yellow to do the right thing. I love this country and the people too. it's the politician that I despise.

  9. The US's model,( which countries like China, Singapore and Malaysia really hate) have freedom of speech and the right to bear gun.
    The right of civilians to have gun is important as one can not trust the police and army as they are mostly simple minded goons controlled by politicians.
    The right to free speech is extremely important as we cannot trust any ruling government's media.
    Well, these two principals will never be implemented in most countries and that is why people like to move to US.

  10. i heard that we must not wear yellow t shirt on that day..otherwise we be in lock up too.. true ah?

  11. I dont like rally, but great suggestion there!

  12. Traffic in the city would be a nightmare to say the least.