Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Behind closed door..............

Just came back after drowning a few beers, vegetating infront of the PC, sligthly intoxicated, hey I thougth God wanted to let me have some good times,I am not a hypocrite yes i do drink and i enjoy it but not as much as i used to....................

I thought i just wanted to blog,nothing serious though, i let me my mind run wild, see what came to it first,then i just blog about it ,the most sincere way as it came out from me, suddenly it took me to a message in the Facebook wall message initiated by one of my church Elders,,,,(yeh, i still don't understand why there is a title Elder)

That wall message courted some comments and one of them is this, someone lamenting why there was a escalating rate in Christian divorces...............then i was piqued by this comment then i commented such like this, i just could not help it.

I said,"The sad thing, sometimes men just don't know how to be a husband, having said that, some women are likewise... we are Christian fine,,,,,,,,but we are still husband and a wife,where is the romance ? where is the fire,,,sadly i hardly hear any Sunday sermons teaching us how to rekindle that fires,hahahahha" that was the comment i left in my church Elder Facebook.

I guess we fail to understand we are all human, we have our needs,emotion needs, sexual needs and what not but the saddest part is, do we really open up to our partner, telling and sharing to him and her the areas that we thought we are deprived of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we don't, do we?

We don't or we are not willing too, we thought it was a taboo to share about it,like" how can we tell our partner that we are not satisfied sexually? how do we begin?etc etc,,,,,,,,and then it slowly breaks down the marriage,,,,,,,,,

We go to church every Sunday, pretending that we are the perfect couple around but behind closed door,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it is all messed up.

I believe just like any earthly parent, God as our heavenly parent, wants us to have a perfect marriage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so let us learn not to disappoint him,,,,,,,,,,,,,let us learn to open up and talk..

P/S : I am only human


  1. errr, seriously i really don't link divorces with religions.. i believe that the greatest factor of a divorce is marriage itself.. :p

  2. It takes two to tango so like SK said, the marriage itself determines if it's for life or just temporary!

  3. Speaking from the heart... rest well, brother... leave your worries upon Him...

  4. don't drink too much beer bro. Bad for the belly, and health :) I noticed there were a lot of dots, and commas in this post, were you intoxicated while typing this? Just saying :)

  5. woman is the reason divorces rates is going up. Only if all women join the Obedient Wife Clubs... than the world will be at peace!

  6. Chill bro, that's the beer talking :D

    I believe that if you want to have a happy marriage, then the talking should never stop. Be open and direct with your other half. If you've got something you don't like about her/him, tell them directly. It works for wifey and me :D

  7. why so many commas? guess the beer is also doing their work ah? Bro, religion teaches us to be good, but sometimes, it can't really control how human behaves

  8. Your P/S should change to "I am only Man". Though women and men are human, but one from Venus, and one from Mars.

  9. Yeah, don't relate divorce with religion. 1 hand don't clap itself. marriage is between both of couple. I need to talk with each. Communicate!!