Sunday, May 01, 2011

Delayed Gratification..............

I thought my Jovial a very important lesson yesterday, very important in the sense that how we should curb to buy any stuff at impulse and I am thankful that he was willing to listen to me,despite that the fact he was so eager to own it, but the reward of delayed gratification was simple awesome as far as I am conerned.

I'd promised Jovial that I would buy him a pair of Converse All Star sneakers over this weekend,thus i took my family out to firstly Queensbay Mall, he was eager to check the shoes out,the price tag was RM129.90, supposedly fixed price,(and I could not buy it looking at the price tage,i tend to differ from Jessie J's forget about the price tag, price tag) expensive lah.

I then told Jovial if he could wait until tomorrow,when i would take him to my friend's shop in KOMTAR, he said he could not, i would understand,( i was a kiddo before, how could you defer such craving, right?) I then told you Jovial that i would get it on the same day.

I managed in the end, got the same model at exactly RM100.00 for Jovial, i was happy about it, Jovial happy as well, cos his papa got it on the same day with about 30 % cheaper.

Question 1) : What had been the most expensive stuff you bought by impulse ?
Question 2) Would you delay your gratification for a little longer to sniff out cheaper purchase?

This is the Converse sneaker that got Jovial all fired up.......and this is the picture that he took, that he said was nice, i reckon so, what do you think?

P/S : Hang it there a little longer, good stuff shall come out of it


  1. I get what u mean.. good that u have a friend in Komtar to give u such a good price.. my girl likes Converse too.. but i bought her a pair of adidas instead.. for u-know-how much la.. but can last for many years... hahaha..

  2. It's important to teach our children about purchasing wisely and not be tempted to get them immediately.

    I always defer my purchase - sometimes deferring it too long until I feel I don't need them after all. It works nicely to ease the stress to the wallet! LOL

  3. Let me count my blessings! My girl is not into these expensive things...and more often than not, I would have to talk and talk to her to persuade her to buy something or let me buy something for me. She doesn't feel she needs most things and thus she does not need to spend money to buy them...and anything that is good enough is good enough, no need to go for the branded expensive stuff. So tell I not lucky or not? *beaming with pride...Like father, like daughter!

  4. *...let me buy something for her...

  5. most of the time, I would only drooling at those expensive items and after much consideration between the 'need' 'want' and 'alternative', I would always go for something similar. Am not really a brand freak so normally I'll go for quality and price-reduction...hehehe...

    differently for paintball though, even it's quite expensive to purchase the gears and equipments, but it can last for quite a long time. =)

  6. I never actually bought anything expensive by impulse. I'll be surfing through the online shopping stores the whole day long but in the end not even one item is purchased although there is something branded and costly that I want so much to have it, or I'll be buying something similar but less expensive. It actually takes long time for me to consider, especially in getting luxurious item. :P anyway, that's a nice shot that Jovial took. good to start photography young! he has the potential =)

  7. very hard to control especially if in the shopping mall and sales everywhere

  8. yes indeed a good buy, and a good photo bro! sometimes I agree that a little delay will actually maximise our $$ and cents value... I am one of those who will get quotes till I find it all worth before buying especially NOW..

  9. Answer #1 : Usually CD/DVD (Ori punya ah..!)

    Answer #2 : I'd rather go to pasar malam than waiting :)



  10. This is really a very nice picture, i thought you stole it from other websites. Didn't know it is taken by Jovial.