Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Took the Risk

I don't know why I have this trait of " I cannot standby doing nothing when seeing someone helpless being bullied".Personally, I don't think it is humane for anyone just to close your eyes,walk by or worse still, standing there witnessing someone being bullied without extending help..So the story goes.

I was at this KOMTAR shopping mall,(don't usually go there) but today i had to cos i promised Jovial that I would buy him a pair of shoes from my friend's shop located there, as i was walking to the ATM machine, i saw a group of three youngsters (age about 16 to 18 years old) gathered looking very worried, i could sense that something was wrong but I did not at this juncture "kek poh" wanting to know what was going on, so i walked on.

As I made my way back to meet with my family at Popular Book store, the same group of three youngsters but this time they were joined by three adults I reckon some where my age, I heard some Hokkien profanity being hurled at one particular skinny looking boy by one of the adults, I then slowly walked passed them,just trying to know what was wrong, suddenly.

Suddenly, this skinny boy was waylaid to the corner by some heavy blow of punches from the same guy who was still shouting in profanity at this boy, still kicking him and punching him. I was with Jovial, I saw some adult bystanders, none of them did anything, albiet hearing the cries of help from this boy being kicked and punched by this adult, I knew i must do something regardless whether the boy was in the wrong or otherwise.

I quickened by steps toward this adult, i put my hand on his shoulder, he was kind of surprised by my action, thus he stopped punching the skinny boy, I then was trying to tell him this in Hokkien," Hey, please stop it, he is just a boy and we are adult, we don't do this,right ?"

Thank God,he looked a bit composed after I'd told him that, he then said this to me," This MTF, hit my nephew and he was bleeding on his head........................" I then told him, the best he could do was to report to the police.

When i looked at his nephew, i sensed that his nephew was no way better than this victim too, therefore who was right or otherwise,only they knew but to hit a boy by an adult with such manner,it is totally to me one word.......atrocious.

I stood by for a while, at this point they were all more calmed and situation was more at ease, then Jovial kept pulling my hand signalling me to go on.

I really hope that boy was not further bullied and to me it was really shameful for any adult to hit a teen rightly or wrongly and to the bystanders,please feel for the boy rightly or wrongly too.

Date line : 4.20 PM, Crime scene : Outside Popular Bookstor Komtar.

P/S : Can't we talk it out as an adult ?


  1. No disrespect but some people really don't use their brain to settle things and much more dependable on their raging bull strength to handle their problem.

    In the end, will not only just hurt other people but instead bring more troubles to themselves.

    I'm very proud of what you have done Eugene. It was the right thing to do and you draw the line where you are much more different than anyone who's just stand there and do nothing.

  2. some ppl prefer using violence to solve problems...its shameful that adults are still acting as if he/she got no brain...

    proud to read what you have done. I hope more ppl will be just like you.

  3. Oh? So Popular Prangin has moved to Komtar? Thought it closed down...

  4. Sigh! Normally I would just walk away...or call the police to handle. Would rather not trouble trouble until trouble troubles me.

  5. Eugene,
    that was a brave thing to do. good thing that guy was not a samseng or you might end up hurt. glad everything turn out ok (at least he stop after you intervene.

  6. They are wrong to do that to the teens. But you have to be careful also as you were alone with Jovial. Things could have turn nasty and Jovial could have got hurt if he came to your rescue

  7. well... I thought the adult should be setting a good example.. why hit the boy when he can resort to better solution... haiz..

  8. Uncivilized living creature, yes!