Saturday, April 30, 2011

How nice can it be, if?

Seriously how nice can it be ,if you could wake your spouse up at about 2 am in the morning when you can not sleep,just to talk to her and hold her by your side.How nice again can it be, if she could sense that you can't sleep and she wakes up as well, saying." Darling, why are you awake at this hour, is there anything bothering you?

I could not really sleep, woke up about 2 AM, wanted to turn on the TV, was afraid that it might disturb the sleep of my family, took out my running shoes, wore a long john and i went out and ran for about 1 hour or so, came back all sweated and just felt like blogging.

Suddenly, i felt like God was so near to me seriously,even at this time, when no one knows what i am doing, may be it is a perfect time to talk to HIM when i am done blogging.

When someone says that no one knows you better than God himself not even your closest spouse, i would totally agree.

When i really feel like talking to someone even at this hour, no one is there (not that no one is there physically,is it just there no one knows i am awake at this hour)

And now i know it is indeed nice to know that God himself is with us all the time if only you allow him to, bye for now, i am going to spend a little time with HIM now.

P/S : When no one is present, HE is omnipresent


  1. Yes, He's always there...all seeing and all knowing, always listening.

  2. Hmmm, at least you have a blog, something to 'accompany' you when you feel lonely/boring.. =)

  3. Eugene,
    yeah how nice if you can wake up your spouse. but it don't seems fair to them. so being considerate husband that we are, we didnt right? I had gone through that many time. woke up to surf the net, read a bit of blog, but not jogging though. And yes it is a perfect time to talk to our heavenly father for he knows us best.

  4. I would not reckon my hubb to wake me up in the middle of the night.... For I would turn into a monster and bring him to hell, bwahahaha.....

    My sleep is very precious to me, because I don't get to nap in the afternoon and I'm overworked.

    On the other hand, if I were to wake up at 2am and could not get back to sleep, I would sneak downstairs and do some house cleaning.... weirdo, right?

  5. Yes, bro! And the best ever time to talk to Him is when it's all quiet & silence. He may be talking to you too!

  6. hmm..anything bothering u at 2am? hope all is well. God is there for u anytime, anywhere all the time.

    Take care and have a good weekend/long weekend.

  7. I rarely have problems sleeping. God has been good to me. And you did the right thing talking to HIM.

  8. It would be awesome if I could talk to God anytime... and he would answer me, like really answer my questions. I would want that, even if he only comes to me when I'm dreaming...

  9. Yvonne,
    ha ha.I like your answer, about turning into a monster. at least you are being honest.(that's why I dare not wake up my wife he he.)
    about the last part . it's not weird at all one of my friend too would clean the house whenever she can't sleep.maybe she was thinking she will get tired cleaning up and later can sleep like a log??

  10. oh bro.. my turn to read your blog at 3am now.. I have nothing bothering me, but just that a nap too long causing me having wide eyes... "D