Friday, April 29, 2011

I just lost my cool............

I don't why........i just lost my cool.....i just don't know i really felt like punching those bastards who were wrong and acted as if they were right, i really wanted to but then again.

Two road rages in a row within a spate of less then fifteen minutes,, he came into a no entry lane, i honked him, i rolled down my window, firing my salvos, vending my anger, i really felt like eligthing my car and gave him piece of my mind but then wife was pacifying, i drove on.

Another bastard did the same, he sped through without stopping and probably my anger was still not subsiding, he stopped at about few meters away, i waited and i didn't budge, he rode up to me, accusing me that i should have stopped instead of him, i reall felt like giving him the worst of me and i thought i could not take it anymore, those bastards who were wrong and instead turning angry at those who were right,,, again i kept my cool saying something like this,," you sudah salah, somemore you want to scold me,,,, but then again I said good nite, good nite and drove off.

I really don't care, good driver like me are most often then not victimized by those bastards who are already in wrong but instead accusing those who are right.

I felt real bad, in front of my boys, the worst of me manifested, may be the devil was playing trick on me or may be i just lost the wisdom of God but seriously i really felt like puching those bastards..

Date line 9.15 PM

P/S : From now one.........would i be thaat of " i could not care less ?


  1. Admire your high EQ. Happy Labour Day to you.

  2. if there are more ppl like u on the road eugene, i'll be more daring to drive!

    happy long weekend :)

  3. chill bro. Penang drivers.. hehehe :)

  4. Even Jesus angered and turn the table too... Haha its not wrong to be pissed off by something but always is how you deal with it.

    Dont think too much bro. You're a bigger man and you are way much better than them. Save up your energy for something else.

    God bless and have a great weekend!

  5. a guy driver like you being bullied like this, you can imagine what happen to lady drivers. if they are bastard, don't lose your cool becoming worst than bastard. happy labour day!

  6. there are many funny types of drivers around us. Just be patient with them. They do not know how silly they are sometimes :) enjoy ur weekend to the max yah. woo hooo.... ^^

  7. frankly speaking.. I wonder when do our drivers learn their lesson to be more 'ethical' while driving... guess you are not alone in this kind of situation bro...