Friday, April 29, 2011

Can't I just be honest with you?

Let me begin by asking you this, what would your reaction or respond be if I told you this and assuming that both of us are good friend, moreover both our boys are studying in the same school ?

"Hey so and so, lately i kind of notice that your boy likes to hang around with those "little naughty" boys and girls at the coffee shop outside the school,just be careful with him because i always sit there and some of those " little boys" are not too good.playing truant, smoking and all?

So, what would your respond be ?

And i am not sure the respond i got from my friend when i told her the above can be construed as me trying to show off to her that my boy is better than her son or I purposely wanting to shame her that she is not bringing up her son properly, when she responded such like this.

" Ya lor, my son is not like your son, so good, study good, character good and no need tuition one, my son can't be like that lah."

I got a bit agitated, so i cut her off by saying, " sorry so and so, i was only telling you that just be careful lah, who knows one day my boy will be like that too and i hope you can tell me if you see him doing that."

Have a great long weekend and god bless

P/S : 幸福不是必然的...........


  1. I think it's the way you communicated the message?

  2. some people r a little sensitive.

  3. Agree with Wenn, some people are very sensitive (sometimes I am too :P)
    But nvm la, as long as you don't have the intention can already.
    Hey, wishing you a happy holiday ya!

  4. hmmm, that's not good to say that, it makes people think you are sourish.. for me, i am definitely open to hear comments from other people, whether things are true it's all for us to find out..

  5. I'll be grateful if a friend told me when my children ill-mannered. But it's really depend on how the opposite thinks and responses.

    I guess your friend must have misunderstood your good intention. You have done your part, and it's up to her now.

  6. I guess she is not balance. That's it. Today is Friday, hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. I agreed with Yvonne, I will be thankful if you informed me about my kids' misbehave! At least I can take action, for instance spying my kids just to make sure whether it's a rumor or truth, and start counseling my kids before something really bad happen!^^

    Happy weekend!

  8. Sigh... that is really discouraging. Different people different approach... there's always a different way to tell different other people about different other stuff.

    Hmmm am I saying that any differently? :D

  9. she sensitive.
    maybe she needs to hear something like "i am sorry, please don't misunderstand what i am going to say, we are friends in school having kids here, i need to share with you after thinking very long, because if you see my kids with these kids outside, i will appreciate if you can tell me, so that i can monitor my kids as well. you know, these days, kids, they like this and that.., mine also, like this and like that.."

    i know it's long winded.
    i think i picked up explaining and phrasing from learning and associating with many japanese.
    have a good day, eugene.

  10. She is just so sensitive! Sometimes we concern, they said us "keh poh" pula...Just let it go bro...enjoy ur friday night!

  11. Typical Malaysian parent - kiasu, scared of loss of face. The school will call them in regarding their children and they will deny everything, scold the principal, the teachers (using foul language), threatening to sue, demanding an apology in the newspaper, ask gangsters to go to teachers' houses...etc etc etc.

    I've seen ALL that! Why do you think some will just let the kids rot...and just mind their own business? Don't simply blame them all the time (like what the public always does in the papers) - think carefully who are the ones to be blamed...

    But then of course, sometime, there is the other side of the story. Each case should be bealt with individually - cannot simply make generalisations all across the board.

  12. :)

  13. She should thank you for telling her, most of the people around won't be bother. She is not just sensitive but defensive too!

  14. i will seriously thank u for being my private investigator ! Some people just doesn't know how to appreciate it.

  15. Truth hurts. some ppl knew it but pretend not to see, that isn't happening...and when other started to see it and point it out to them, they can't accept it and putting others to blame. I surely will be grateful if someone saw my younger siblings mingle with these kind of bad company and inform me about it.

    and yes...not to lose face in front of others is part of the reason why your friend retorted back. well, who knows when she reached home she started to question her kid's whereabouts and be more cautious who her kid mingle with after this? That's a good start, isn't?

  16. maybe she was just being defensive as a parent in front of other parents? takut jatuh muka? anyway, you have done your part, just leave it to her to make the decision :) enjoy your long weekend ya. God bless

  17. I think we humans do not like to listen to our own weaknesses by someone else... so when u talked about her son, she felt she did not do a good job on her son... u know la.. we ladies also siew hei than men :)
    Have a nice long weekend!!

  18. Thanks for the comments and here wishing you guys a happy and great weekend