Friday, April 15, 2011

This is for you my friends from Sarawak

Tomorrow the 16th April,2011, i am wishing you my friends from Sarawak,Happy Voting.

PLease don't belittle the vote that is your hand,you are not only voting for yourself but for the future of our children and the country.

Just remember sometimes CHANGE can do you good.

P/S : GOD Bless Sarawak and Malaysia


  1. Eugene,
    Let's hope our friends there are smart enough and not be duped by BN again. We need to pray that God will somehow intervened and ensure the election will be fair and no cheating and everything will be carry out in an orderly way.

  2. THE CHANGE is coming!! lets pray....

  3. God bless them and time for a major change!!

  4. Hopefully, we will see change...and not find that we have voted for loose change.

    Real sad that the focus only on the main towns and cities (where they would win without campaigning anyway) instead of working on the rural seats. Quite hard to win enough to form new government.

    Denying two-thirds majority is crap - look at Parliament... A fat lot of good it has done - no difference at all.

    Quite disappointed after the by-election here. After all the sound and fury, when it was all over, nothing was heard, nothing was done...until this election came around and here we go again! Obviously, we've being used and abused to give them what they want - they don't give two hoots about us. All the same...

    No access to least show faces and make those at your side. Ours here, half-baked, half dead...and that's why they need all the big guns from your side to come and campaign for them.

  5. I've never really been into polictics, but sometimes change can be a good thing. Just look at my hometown penang.

  6. IMMA BACCCKKKK!!!!! good to be back to your blog bro eugene. and yes!! change will definitely come to malaysia, starting with sarawak. pray it ends well :)

  7. "Anda kadang-kadang boleh memperbodohkan sebahagian daripada rakyat pada sesuatu masa, tetapi tidak semua rakyat sepanjang masa."

    ~Abraham Lincoln

  8. This young lawyer, Ting Tze Fui is
    what we need in Sarawak. She has won a second time.

    Only the rural ignoramuses still vote BN. Big Tycoons also vote BN inorder to cut more trees and get big projects and grab lands.