Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can i call you brother ?....

"Kesenyuman tiada balasan" no i am not singing the song from Francesca Peter but this was how i really felt this morning in the church.

In the Church, sometimes we have to pretend that we are in high spirit and all, flashing those "how are you brother and how are you sister" smile and greeting when sometimes we don't really mean it.That's why i don't really like to extending out such niceties when i really don't mean it.

Because i know how it feels like,when somebody goes around saying"how are you brother?" with their eyes looking elsewhere.

I was standing at back of the church toward the end of the service, when this "brother" of whom i have met many times even outside the church,i'd tried smiling at him prior to this morning's encounter but all "Keseyuman tiada balasan", may be he really does not like my gut or may be i should give him a benefit of doubt that i am not that approachable.

So this morning, there was no way he would evade my smile and reciprocate like even a stranger should what more a church brother,right? So he passed me by like they say"under my nose" that was how close he was to me, i gave him a broad smile and in the nick of opening my mouth, he shunned me as if i was a total oblivion to him.

I am certain that he knew i was smiling at him for this is not the first time i smiled at him, and i don't think he is short-sighted either or to preoccupied with other thoughts, cos there was once he was just sitting opposite me in the coffee shop and i did smile at him.

I was just thinking,should i try smiling at him again the next time or should i just go up to him and say this,"Brother are you ok and did you know that i just smiled at you?"

P/S : To err is human and to not responding a smile is rather rude


  1. Is he concentrating on something else?? sometimes I don't know whether I am like that too or not.. esp when i m not wearing glasses and when they smile at me, i dint realise it till they nudged me... hard.. i deserved that, i suppose.. :)
    benefit of the doubt.. so take it as he was concentrating something else.. dont feel so bad.. i know u have a very nice smile, bro!

  2. maybe his mind is somewhere else..

  3. Never mind. At least you tried to reach out to him. Like some bloggers. Though we may be great friends on our blogs (and even on Facebook), when I tried to get to meet them, they would come up with 10001 excuses. Never mind, just don;t say that I did not try to be more than cyber-friends with them...

    There are others also - when I tell everybody that I will be at some place from such and such a date, hoping that some would suggest that we meet up and get to know one another personally, they would just lie low till I have gone there and come back.

    Never mind. It takes all kinds to make the world and life goes on...

  4. Eugene,
    it's ok you have try your best. there might be reason why he is acting they way he does. maybe he does not trust people. people might have hurt him in the past.
    just give him a benefit of a doubt.given time he might find you are sincere and response.

  5. He ain't cockeye he's my brotherrrrr so on we go.. ♫

  6. Bro, lol, can call you bro right? :) next time try approaching him directly, with a smile and some words. Maybe just ask him "hey how are you today, the weather's pretty cool today eh?"

    My eXperiences -

  7. Definitely rude.

    It's disappointing when a smile is not returned, I know how that feels.

  8. Maybe he is thinking of other things

  9. LOL maybe he thinks that you're hitting on him lol okay kidding. Anyways, I'd smile if I know the person, I don't think I'd do that to ppl I don't know, might give the wrong signal. But if ppl smile at me, I think. Unless if I'm too short sighted to see who XD have to squint my eye a bit.

  10. I got that most of the time. Be it inside a train, ERL, public bus, walking down the street or post office - just to name a few. I hold to this principle, "Smile genuinely to others, that is the best gift you could give. Who knows it might brighten up someone's day after gloomy season."

    P/S: Jangan senyum kambeng sudahlah. Mbekk!!

  11. I too experience this sometimes. and for a person who wears a sweet smile (hehe, :P) always on her face, I found it rude if the person didn't return a smile. But, hey.. not all people like to smile.. some people look cool but yet when you get to know him/her in person, you will find that they are nice people. It always happens to me, esp in work place ^^

  12. I also encounter "Kesenyuman tiada balasan" before. Eugene, continue to smile to him, let him owe you many many smiles.