Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't lose that loving feeling............

Seriously speaking, how many of us really take the effort in making our marriages work and how many of us really think that the longer we are into marriage, the more we should work to make it happy.

It really saddened me,while i was talking to a dear friend yesterday of whom (the husband and wife)i have known them for 20 over years now,they started out as the most loving couple during our younger days but then.............

They are like 2 persons living under the same roof but in different world now,as a good friend to the both of them,when opportunity presented itself where i can talk to one of them, i really wanted to know.

The wife was telling me, marriage was normal but to her it was already like "you do your things and i do mine"

She is a busy business woman and the husband a network marketer,she was not interested in joining him, neither was he willing to be tagged along to her so called dinners and functions.

When she is back from work, he will be out attending meetings or sponsoring down lines and when it comes to Sunday, the wife will be so tired and the husband will still be going out network marketing.

The wife was telling me she was so used to such a marriage and probably the husband would also think likewise, therefore they just go on like that.

Here i am sincerely wishing my friends to go back to the times when love was all around and to really find time to hold hands once again,to walk in the park and to look into each other eyes and saying," I Love You" and rekindle that fire.

We don't have to be the most romantic person in the world to hold hands, to kiss and to hug each other but the love for each other should surpass our busy schedules, our business, our money and ourselves.

Happy Friday and make sure to go and kiss your spouse ya.....and God Bless

P/S : Tonight's the night i am going to make it happened.....


  1. Hmm, I think if they still love each other they should really talk about it and find a solution..
    Hope your friends will find the best solution to their marriage..
    Happy weekend to you!

  2. I've seem many cases of the most loving/romantic couple during the young age/before marriage...but later in life..the marriage turns sour. It's sad.

  3. It's not easy to maintain a marriage. Hope both of them can solve out their problem.

  4. 从婚前就已是淡如水,婚后也维持那样吧。。。突然改变我会很怕。。。。 @@"

  5. Thanks Eugene, your reminder comes just in time. I am going off early today for a movie date with my husband. Enjoy your weekend. I will enjoy mine too.

  6. sometimes it's like this lo. As time goes by, each person change and sometimes it just tear a couple apart.

  7. Life is like that - couples get caught up with the cares of the world but they have to - to make ends meet, to make sure their future would be ok...and their children's future too.

    No choice...just have to be understanding and canNOT be selfish - work together towards a common goal and once in a while,make sacrifices but do not be obsessed with the money chase and the rat race - once in a while,take time off to stop and smell the roses...

    If they can survive through it all, they will reap their harvest eventually.

  8. Love takes effort. But the effort is worthwhile.

  9. I agree with Cikgu. Very well said. life and marriage is not a Mills Boon romance novel, as much as most of us want it to be.

  10. what tragic,sometimes it's the persuit of money that keep couple apart. if they are not careful, a 3rd party will come into the picture.
    hopefully your friends will come to their senses and choose what is more importance their marriage or money and put back the fire and passion into their marriage again.

  11. During courtship, it's all about 2 persons and lovey dovey things. But committing to a marriage is something else. Money, children, in-laws, etc. are taking place slowly. Agree wholly with STP - this is life.

    Well, of course we could try to rekindle the fire, but it takes 2 to tango.

    Enjoy your weekend, ya!

  12. It takes effect to rekindle the aparks that died down. It takes two to make it happen!

  13. Keyword : REKINDLE

    Have a nice weekend, bro - you & your lovely family

  14. love is a lot of sacrifice, and it is worth the journey when two partners are in sync.

  15. i wonder why human like that sometimes. they can care to the stranger and friend more to the family. so weird right...