Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trader Hotel Buffet Dinner, When company is better than food

My lovely wife and i were full of excitement yesterday, simply because we had a so called friends cum my wife's colleagues gathering at Traders Hotel for buffer dinner, i knew it was going to be loads of friends cos every single of them was such a joy to be with, seriously speaking.

"The first excitment for me, she was happy and so was me"

The excitement was even greater when we were told that there would even be a "free flow of beers, wine,coffee and tea" silly me, i don't need free flow of C and T lah, when beers can be so much fun already, kan?

We were there early but my excitement was immediately curtailed because of a misinterpreted information on the promotinal email from Traders Hotel sent to my wife's colleagues, after the colleagues told me about the content of the email, i knew that the Traders Hotel was wrong about it and then there was a Amanda who saved the day,, she finally managed to nego with the manager at least to give a round of free beers and wine.

The girl who saved the day, the powerderful, oops sorry sorry the powerful Amanda, who managed to get us rounds of free beers and wine.. thanks a million dear.

Overall as far as i am concerned, it was really a fun night out with those wonderful friends, really enjoyed it , thanks guy

These are the guys who are so much fun to be with.

You see i was reliving my dream as the Charlie in the Charlie's Angels...( I have got Kate Jackson on my left, Farrah Fawcett on my right"see this Doreen really got the signature hairsytle of Fawcett's kan? and my far right i was smitten by the charm of Melissa aka Jaklyn Smith.kekkekek.
Wanna know the secret of staying young Case study no 1? Just pretend that you are the youngest among the youngs even when you are not and show them that you have more antics than they do,,, viola.

Secret of staying young . Case study No 2) You must always be daring to dream that one day you will be spotted by an international talent scout agency and lauch your modelling career even at the age of 45,, wakkakakakkakaka,,, dream on Eugene dream Eugene

Secret of staying young. Case study No 3) You must always be daring to strike that Im-pose-able pose (Which at times my cause you to be a laughing stock) like that one i did, who cares anyway even if i am laughed at, i love to be funny and i ain't want to be a hypocrite.

Secret of staying young, Case Study the finaly) Always try to make others happy and be appreciative of the things, the friends and even the little money you have, give thanks to the Lord and don't ever be a hypocrite,then you shall be young all the time,,Amen

Still not enough of playing Charlie, wake up Eugene wake ,, the show is over.
The prettiest gal of the evening ,, girls don't guess the answer is clear, she is standing at the back row far left,,, not you, not you and definately not you too, she is none other than my lovely wife.
Another double joy, a belated impromtu birthday celebration of Joanne,, Happy Bday, Joanne, May the Good Lord bless you always and fulfill your heart's desires. Another reason to be happy last night, come next month, the bunch of us will be celebrating Soh and Jesslyn's wedding as well the 28th of May,, congratulation to the both of you
It has been a long while since i took my family out for buffet cos now buffets ain't cheap lol

In any buffet,this shall be my favourite dish,, salmon, i don't care if it is smoked or raw, just love it
Pictures taken coutersy of Jovial with the Canon Digital DSLR i bought for him two weeks ago and the loaned (pinjam one) baunce flahslight from my good friend Lor Chuen Seng,, thank you bro

P/S : Thank you guys for the wonderful evening,, truly enjoy it


  1. Wah! I thought that was a gathering of Penang most handsome and most beautiful - all so good looking...and you certainly look as young as the rest of them. Hotel food - nice...but once in a while ok. I used to stay in hotels on working trips - after one or two days, so sick of the food already. All the same, more or less...

  2. waahhh...for the first time, eugene has a lot of pictures for us to admire!!
    Actually u r not Charlie.. u r that fat guy.. what is his name.. the one who gave missions to the angels.. Bosley? hehee....

  3. Nice pictures Eugene! And I like the way you portray yourself as CHarlie from CHarlie's ANgel, very apt!

    nice meeting you yesterday also, you were really nice and friendly!

  4. Godfather please make up your mind about to send protection money to you already now holding back the money. One minute you wannabe Bosley oops Charlie then next you wannabe Bread Pitt muahhahaha.

  5. thanks for the stay young tips, bro! hahha...

  6. i can see u guys having lots of fun..posing here n there.. nice...nice way to spend the weekend.

  7. Nice photos there Eugene..
    Can see that you guys had a great time!~

  8. LOL who interpreted the wrong information regarding the free flows? Or there was a mistake in the email?

    Haaha staying young? Hmm I can't say that you do but you do look the fittest among them all muahahaaha... fair enough rite heehe.

    And an advance congrats to your friends, Soh and Jesslyn.

    Okay I'm hungry now.

  9. Lol at your "Secret of staying young case study 1". As for me, I'm always young at heart regardless my age, muahahah!

    Glad you enjoy the buffet and company. Should have this gathering often.

  10. I think stay in shape is the top secret of staying young. Thanks for all your case study for staying young. Your family did have a good time for this Easter.

  11. STP : wa you used to stay in hotel one ka,, so geng,like they say, living out of the suitcase

    Claire : thank you for telling me that i am not Charlie,, but Bosley

    Lina : Yup loads of fun from friends not the food

  12. Isaac : Thank you, and you are such a nice friend too

    Banz Quan aka Bananaz : Please hold on to your protection money first,, spend it the next time we meet, makaning, singing, drinking all on you, ok?

    Nikel : thanks for dropping by

    Wenn : indeed loads of fun

  13. Chris : Those staying tips just tembak one lah, just look at my face got track lines already or they call it furrows,sigh

    Rachel : yup loads of fun,, posing here and there because i wanted to get my son to take the pics for us, he was kind of pai sei lah

  14. Eugene you look very very young la, what's the secret?

  15. super funny you... haha... but yea, you're right... when company is better than food.