Friday, April 22, 2011

Capriciously me

Last night, i did not know why i was kind of capricious with my mood, one minute ok, the next it
was like not so.............

The ok part was when i went out to run for two hours, drenched in sweat and lagi the ok part was it was running heavily and just loved the feeling of running in the rain. When i came back, it was such a good feeling, albeit tired.

I did some house chores, lauudry, mopping and drying up the clothes.( I love to have my lovely wife coming home from work to a clean house, she sees no piles of clothes waiting to be washed and ironed, no dried clothes not collected in)

Seriously, i was tired pyshsically but mentally i was happy cos i knew when she came back she would be happy to see that "certain things are being taken care off" . Then my not so ok part happened to creep in me when my lovely wife came back.

I knew she was tired and all but suddenly i felt like i was not being appreciated,"don't ask me why i had that feeling, i myself did not know" When she talked about her work and i was like turning a deaf ear to her.

I then told her no dinner for me, after my shower, i drove out alone for dinner, had a bottle of beer just to recollect.

Suddenly i overhead this conversation from these two patrons just two tables away, ladies in their mid thirties in the coffee shop.

Lady 1," Sometimes i just get very frustrated with all the chores, running here and there, chauffering the kids here and there, but this loa ang (the husband) does not seem to appreciate it"

Lady 2, " What happened, you look kind of hot and angry?"

Lady 1," I was half way cooking, then suddenly i ran out of cooking oil, immediately i called the loa ang to go and get one, he said he was already reaching home, tired and asked me to drive out and get, he is crazy. Ditto.

Life is funny, isn't it. We all want to be appreciated but we hardly say it out loud and make it clear that we really want to be appreciated, then if the otherwise happens (feeling like not being appreciated) we feel bad at ourselves and sometimes we might just hurt the innocent ones.

After drowning my beer, i thought to myself, my intention was clear for i really wanted my lovely wife to come home after the hectic day from the office to a clean house and with "certain things taken care of"

Have a great weekend, do say "Thank You" to someone today and God Bless

P/S : In the living years, say it while you can


  1. There will always be those days - up days and down days. Some days one may feel down, even depressed for no apparent reason. maybe a case of biorhythms...and dwelling on it will not make it go away. Cheer up, turn on the radio, sing your heart out, dance...and the feeling will pass.

  2. I guess it's normal la, 'emoness' will strike us once a while... Sometimes we just want to be alone for a moment...

    You take care and have a great Friday!

  3. Same things happened to me, when I tried to make the house clean and put a wholesome meal on the table for my BIG Boss, but shame to say when he came back(most of the time), he will start yelling at the children and start complaining, so sick about it... so I just hv to play deaf with him!^^

  4. Eugene, I feel like that sometimes too, doing so much and still when arguments come, he says he's not being appreciated pulak! Look I don't even ASK for a thank you, but that would be nice. Even my girl says thank you mummy...

  5. Eugene, you've written it here, clearly, what I have in my mind. I return from work everyday, to clean the house and do the laundry, deal with children's antic and cope with their progress.

    Years ago, when we were newly married, I waited eagerly for "thank you" although I didn't speak it out. I was unhappy then. Now I understand that my hubb is having a long exhausted day and wish for a peaceful night. He comes home, plays with the children and no complain is already considered a credit and appreciation.

    And I, continue my chores. Feeling content and less argument is just blissful.

  6. Oh! Another good reminder that I really appreciated. I also always take my husband's help for granted. Thanks for letting me know how a supportive husband may feel.

  7. Haha I get that sometimes... somehow we just needed to know why we do certain thing... to please others or just wanted others to notice us.

    The feeling is normal I guess, just dont get too carried away with it.

    Happy Good Friday Eugene and family :)

  8. it's ok to be emo sometimes, just that dun get carried away. surely your wife appreciates what you are doing for her and the family. Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter, Eugene. :)

  9. Got to keep watch my bro. You started well and have good intention why let the devil spoilt it all? Remember the enemy is constantly trying to make us fall and one of the area is the family which he wants to destroy. So cover your family with prayers daily i am no saint but have learnt from my mistakes
    It is true we all wants to be apprecited but sometimes our spouse might not express it often enough but that does not mean they dont care so just dont let a petty thing spoilt your day.
    Take care and god bless

  10. Eugene you sound like me LOL. But it's out Chinese culture, we would not say out to appreciate our partner hard work. Why?? Compare to those angmo, they love to praise their wives cooking, decorations & etc. So huge different here.

  11. I think life is like that. Have the good and bad and it depends on how we look at it. Cheer up ^_^

  12. Everything works both-ways. Maybe your wifey had a tough day in the office (thus no dinner for you) and was looking forward to a hug and some kind/sweet words from her man when she gets home just like you were waiting for her to recognise your efforts.

    Human nature is such. We all need recognition and sometimes wallow in self-pity but the good thing is, we all have the option to see the glass half full, like you did when you took time to chill and probably realise that there are worse things. No?

    Have a really lovely w/e! You deserve it!

  13. I guess when we do things at home, the house chores, we need to do it out of honesty. Although wives don't say or show it, deep inside their hearts, they really appreciate what we have done to them. Cheers mate!

  14. I have no idea what capricious means exactly before this. Thanks to your story, I get it now:)

    Ya ya sometimes we don't feel appreciated, and I do that sometimes. But when I think of it, I'm the one who's been taking things for granted all this while.

    I guess the best way for someone to appreciate the things in life is when he had lost something precious which I dddooon't want. Touchwood!

    Go and cuddle your wife;D I know I'll go cuddle my girl now. wakakaaka

  15. You are such a loving and caring husband!! Sometimes, it's easy to take each other for granted as we often forget or overlook the petty (but important) things that we do too routinely. I'm sure your lovely wifes appreciates everything that you've done for her and the family. Love without expecting anything in return. Cheer up and have a great weekend ya! :)

  16. we should show our appreciation..

  17. bro, do tell your wife sometimes that you want to feel appreciated too. :) I'm sure she'll understand.

    By the way, I'm in Penang for the weekend! Hope we can meet up for some teh tarik. Have smsed you!

  18. I was appreciated by someone yesterday of the help Im gave to him.

    Yeah, it's good to have this feeling and likewise too.

    Say a word of appreciation to someone 2day. :)

  19. Yes...i did...and will always do..

    We women are more sensitive towards this matter..but we would feel very happy if hubby can take up some chores for some while...'s normal...a normal feeling...and this shows that you are a normal person...

  20. This is like getting up from the wrong side of the bed? This is normal anyway. Wishing you and your DW(darling wife) a Happy Easter weekend!