Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Like this Girl already.............

I like this girl already when i read about her story from the Star this morning,here we are reading a story about how an engineer saved her marriage from tips she learned from watching porn movies.

Probably she knew that it was a mutual responsibility for married couples to work on their marriages when their sex lives were mundane,faltering or lack of spice so to speak, perhaps to her she recognized that the onus to satisfy her needs lies solely not on her partner alone but she must be the initiator of it when the partner fails to play that part.

You might mock this girl by saying something like this, " No sex can die ka? " or " she is a damn bitch" but if i were to tell you a fact of life that " deprivation of sexual fulfillment" in a marriage could sometimes bring about marriage meltdown, would you agree with me? Picture this then.............

A dear church friend of mine nearly had her marriage ended when her husband refused to seek medical attention to have his pre-ejaculation problem corrected, you see how selfish we can be,right? It is like i don't care you climax or not, as long as i am done, i wrap myself up and doze off to dreamland.

A lot of us marriage couples, refuse to talk about sex, we don't like to highlight our sexual needs to our spouses or maybe we thought it was kind of taboo to do so, therefore we just continue to live on as husband and wife,even when someone has to suffer from "not truly enjoying sex as married couple should"

Remember this remark made by one stupid MP (Member of Parliament) which to me is ludicrous, stating that the wife must stop everything she does,even when she is cooking when at that particular time the husband wants sex, she must give it to him. Sex is not about enslaving your spouse to fulfill your selfishness.

Seriously, let us learn about the ways to a fulfilling sex and when two bodies intertwine, let us not deprive the other what you don't want to be deprived of and i am still learning.

If your sexual ability is hampered medically, please seek medical help and please do not seek outside pleasures...........God forbids that.

P/S : When two bodies intertwine, truth must be spoken


  1. i read the news this morning. honestly, I salute to her for going out to tell how she saves her marriage. What other people say about her doesn't matter. They only point finger and say anything...but can they help to save her marriage? At least she is doing something, and it did saved her marriage...that's what matters.

  2. Reminded me.. long time i didnt read newspaper..ok.. logging in now.. thanks for highlighting!

  3. This is so true... sex or better said, sexual life is really important for a marriage. Not that it's the main reason for a marriage in the first place, but is something that we need in order to maintain the marriage. I mean, man and woman need each other, and when they are finally together and see each other every day, what else is needed? Preferably sexual intimacy la.

    And one drawback about this is one of the partner might go to like you said, outside pleasures, maybe find another person to fulfill that need.

    Whatever it is, I know sure as H I'm gonna try my best to make my future marriage really awesome LOL...

  4. yeah, every relationship is about mutual respect and trust, and open communications is one way to achieve that - no matter you are in the living room or in the bedroom (on the bed)..

  5. So watchg PORN to save marriage/to learn is ok? This shld not be encouranged. U dont need to watch PORN to hv good love making. My 2 cents.

  6. Angel : I am with you too

    Claire : Online news easy ma, just click

    Arms : So you agree too ,ya

    SK : I like the way you put it

    Isaac : Thank you

    STP : No need to blush one lah,,, it is a normal subject

    Anonymous : I really don't know but the fact is don't make watching porn an addiction, but we must learn the ways to make our marriage works.. thanks for sharing

  7. Sex is a big part in a part in a relationship. Not the only important aspect but play a big part.

    Kudos to her.

    I ma trying to help a friend of mine who has been experiencing marriage problem lately because her husband "strayed" and gave reason because she wasn't able to fulfill his sexual needs. My friend is trying to hold on to her husband by learning how to have good sexual relationship now... after 30 years of marriage.

  8. People will try all sorts of ways to save marriage. Making love is good eh!

    Has been a while I've not hop in at ur site! U have a nice day.

  9. read this news too... I think it's a good way to keep her marriage... at least she has done it with courage..

  10. Lina : Fundamentally a good marriage must be base on Love,but the problem is sometimes we get stale in doing the same thing over and over again, please tell your friend to seek professional help...

    Angeline : ya, long time and nice to have you back,,love that hair style of yours and happy pregnancy too

    Cynthia : Ok,to watch porn lah,but don't make it a habit,,,just remember,

  11. Sex indeed plays an important part in a marriage. Glad that woman managed to save her marriage with porn stars tactics, lol!

    But putting so many efforts to retain a man's body and not his heart and soul is useless too. Just my 2 cents.

  12. I admire the effort from the girl who seek porn for better sex but I personally think that is not the correct way to do it.

    It saved the marriage but the psychological effect for both is much worse I'm afraid.

    Its the aftermath that I'm worried about.