Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am so happy.

I lost a particular customer for about 2 years now, been following up with the previous PIC and she always tried to shun me with excuses and pretext that i could not comprehend.

That PIC eventually left and there was still no promising sign that i could get back the business even with the new Person in Charge installed. I'd prayed to the good Lord that i could regain the business but the way i saw, in vain.

I was in the bank just now, met with one of the girls from that particular customer,she called out to me and telling me to go to her office to get something, i quickly went, the final verdict, i regain the business.

This girl knew that I'd been following up but at that time she was not the PIC and now that she is, she said she would support me as she recollected that when i was there previously i was not a snob that would shun small potatoes like herself, she said that to me.

Thank God for the business and the morals of the story 1)God answers prayers at HIS time and not ours. 2) Like Jesus, never look down on anybody.

P/S : Lost and Found, the latter is sheer joy, the former is only a test


  1. also don't forget :

    do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

    happy for you.

  2. Be humble and lets persevere.. i have been sort of "pressurised" in my work place too.. but i told my colleagues.. tahan, tahan first.. it will bring out fruits.. hahaha...

  3. Good to you Eugene. HE really heard your pray. Look like I NEED TO PRAY as well as these few months I'm so bad luck :)

  4. Bro, I share your joy too. God is indeed good to all who are faithful to Him.

  5. It's the small things that usually matter the most. :-)

    Congratulations on regaining that business Eugene.

  6. happy for u too ....:P Yah ... God will answer our prayer ... in a matters of time :P

  7. True, never lose faith. And things will work out His way in the end.

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  8. Im so happy for you, my dear brother. God is good all the time, He's providing according to His riches glory in Christ Jesus.

  9. Knock and the door will be open, ask and you will be given...

  10. PIC is person incharge?

    Good to hear this new from you.

    Happy for you too.

  11. Yep, happy for you, Eugene. Congrats for getting the job back.