Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just one day

After lunch and as i was waiting to cross the road to get to my office, there was this old lady,her face a little ashen with uneasiness cos she tried to cross the road but no car or motorbike would slow down for her.

I paced up to her side and gently asked her if could help her to cross the road,she said ok, i gently held her hand and walked her to the over side of the road.

There is nothing to shout about with this action of mine, i did that a few times for i just cannot close one eye,letting the old folks waiting on the road kerb,coming down and precariously going up the kerb again and for God knows when she would make it over to the other side.

The old lady was thanking me profusely and i love to use this phrase whenever any old folks saying thank you to me after i assisted them in one way or another and my favorite line in respond to their "thank you" is this," Don't worry auntie or uncle, one day i will also be old and by then i would need someone's help as well" Ditto.

I was in the church last Sunday and the topic of that Sunday was "Being compassionate" and when i looked over the congregation, i was thinking how many of us are really compassionate enough (me included).

There is one value that i strongly inculcate to my two wonderful boys that they must always have some hearts for others and i thank God my sons are keeping it well with this advice.

P/S : You can't talk God to a hungry man without first giving him some food


  1. I am old...big, fat and old...and I remember falling flat on my face once when coming out from Sunday service, abrasions on my cheeks...and NOBODY bothered to stop and help me get back on my feet again. Sometimes, I really wonder about these people going to church...

  2. gosh STP, that is very sad! how can!! are your church people so oblivious of the surrounding? i cannot imagine why.. maybe no one saw? sigh...

    sorry Eugene, couldnt help reading stp's comment. So far, I think i havent helped anyone to cross the road yet, cannot recall actually but i know i always help my friend to cross the road, cos most of them are very fearful when crossing the busy roads in old town when we go out for our breakfast!