Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fine Young Man.........

It was Saturday very early morning when i received this SMS, very early like 1.04 am with the message that went like this," Hi Eugene. i just reached Penang. Wondering if you're free for bfast or something tomorrow. I think u r sleeping, reply me tomorrow"

When i checked this message out, it was 4.20 am, i immediately replied," cool, will be going for run with wifey at 6.00 am, will be back at farlim about 9, shall call you TQ"

You know it is so hard to find someone as truthful as this guy, he started asking for my HP no couple weeks ago, and told me that he would call me when he came to Penang and indeed even at 1.04 am, he kept to his promise.

Seriously,I have not met this guy prior to last Saturday's DIM SUM meet up and i am not a famous blogger that whom he can blow the trumpet in his blog something like this," Hello, everybody, i have finally met up with the famous blogger from Penang" instead........

Instead, this guy thought me more things about blogging than anything he could squeeze out from me, worst still he had to pay due to this godfather of Penang blogger in kind of free dim sum.

Well, this Isaac Tan really reinforces one thing that i truly believe in as far as friendship is concerned, sincerity.......................and not the kind of attitude that only plays to the gallery.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Mr Issac Tan........sorry ladies he is taken up already by a Miss Janice........

By the way, have you ever experienced anything like this before? Someone said this to you," Hey so and so, i shall call you back" and it takes forever for him/her to do that.

P/S : This friend, i am sure to keep


  1. Yes, he's a very nice guy...just like you (and me too! Hehehehehe!). Even when meeting for the first time,it felt like we had known each other for years...

  2. Indeed to be a blogger is to have lots and lots of friends...I am glad to have know you bro even if we never met...just yet..

  3. Hello Isaac Tan! Trust you enjoyed your visit to Penang.

  4. Haha I am one of those who said I will give you a call but never really give that person a call any time soon. I feel bad, I repent!


  5. u guys memang cool :)

  6. blogger friends are here to stay, no matter on or off line...yeah!

  7. It's you good folks that keep the positive vibes flowing ;)

  8. wow wow.. we can find good and trustful friendship tru blogging too..I'm encouraged indeed. :) I will add oil as i'm very new to blogging ^^

  9. Eugene,
    He is a person who kept his word. I have come across people who said things they don't mean. like I will call you back, but never did .or let's have makan one of these days. and when you make the time, they will give all kinds of excuse.

  10. Omg bro, you really kept to your word in dedicating a post for me. Lol! I'm really touched now. Thanks :)

    And i'm not really that nice, really. You must have been taken up by my pretentious front! Lol.

    Anyhow, nice meeting you last weekend! You're a great guy yourself. :)

  11. Isaac is a nice guy! Lucky you and your wifey got to treat him(wink)!

  12. Omg I've been that guy before, the one who said "I'll call you back" something like that. But that was a long time ago. And I have friends like that too, which I am used to it LOL.

    Yup he keeps his promise, and for that, he's sure a good friend ;)

  13. With blogger friends, you always feel like you've known them for years.... even though you've never met them.

  14. STP.... ya, you are right, you are nice guy too, that's why l will never say no to meeting you.

    Gunsirit : Likewise

    Happy Surfer : I hope Isaac did

    Daniel :Repent you shall kekekekek