Sunday, March 13, 2011

The remaining months..............

I am not a 2012 doomsday believer, however i do believe that the world will one day breathe her last breath.

When i read about the Japan earthquake and saw the images of it, i was shocked about the magnitude of the devastation, the damage and how helpless men can be in the face of this ruthless nature disaster.

Let us just assume for whatever reasons that the doomsday prediction of 2012 that the world will end in that year in the month of September will definately come to pass,then it shall leave us with only 16 months away,then suddenly we realized that life here on earth will be temporal.

Let us pray a little harder, make more friends, forgive more and love more.

P/S : Take this heart and give it to the Salvation Army


  1. I thought it's 20.12.2012? In time for me to celebrate my 60th birthday...and bye-bye!

  2. Eugene, my brother is now at Japan, I was so shocked and worried when I knew about the serious earthquake!! Thank God he's fine now at Kyoto, I really pray that the disaster can be over soon....

  3. I try not to take 2012 as a bad year or as the end of the world because I have a big plan for that year but honestly, I can't escape from worrying about that. Everyone is talking about that. I'm waiting for it to become a cliche but it seems like there's no sign of it becoming one. To me.

  4. Find the way, for it is not His fault. This is what I have to say for all of these....

  5. My prayer goes to the people of Japan.

  6. Yes, sorry for those who are suffering at this time.. can feel their loss and pain..