Friday, March 11, 2011

Is it so hard, really?

There was a ever famous cliche, " Old habits die hard" suddenly playing in mind when i received a call from a dear buddy last night.

He sounded serious over the other end of the line something like this," Bro, I want to quit drinking and i am dead serious about it, we have been talking about it but it seems that we are not walking the talk and this time i am adamant about it, so bro come out and have a drink and we shall make it a parting with drink session."

On the hindsight, i mean after the "parting with drink" session, i was really thinking hard why was it for any man or woman to find it hard to so call quitting some vices of life, for instance smoking, gambling, telling lies, philandering or even sexual addiction.

Do we really have to wait until the alarm is sounded, then only we come to our senses and proclaim loud and clear,"ok time's up" I have many friends who quit smoking and drinking only when doctors told them that it was life threatening if they persisted with the vices.

Do you have any habits that you found it hard to get rid of? I have mine.

Have a great weekend guys,,and God Bless

P/S : Get down on it


  1. I have mine also !!!

    have a nice weekend too, God bless..

  2. Hard not to switch on my laptop the moment I get up from bed..

  3. Ofcourse I have... blogging! Muahahaha! I can't resist to blog at least twice a week, to the extend my husband wants to KPC and talk me to blog only once a week...>_<

  4. HIGH FIVE Bananazஇ! You sound serious than me!

  5. I quit smoking years ago..but I still smoke for to social reason..:)

  6. Forgive me, brother Eugene, for I have sinned...

  7. i don't think its hard to quit smoking. as my grandpa (60+ years old), just quit smoking without any fuss. i think just the matter of mindset.