Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like a bridge over troubled water.

I know my lovely wife will not have a sound and peaceful sleep tonight for her biospy result shall be made known tomorrow, and for whatever shall come out of it, i shall be like. Like a bridge over troubled water, i will ease your mind. Steadfastly be a husband that she can cling on to in good and bad times. I shall stay out of blogging and will only be back next week and in the mean time take care now, have a great weekend and god bless For Claire, Arthur, Jessie and hopefully Mandy and Issac, see you guys over the weekend ya At this point of blogging, my Jovial is hurrying up with my blogging and he says we need to pray for mommy now. P/S : I will be here for you


  1. I'l pray for your wife too bro. May everything be well soon. Trust in Him and all shall be well.

  2. Yes, as I said.. it will be alright..
    See u.. will continue to pray..

  3. Ca hear your heart pounding "it goh it chap" relax bro..she will be OK..see you guys on Sat night Bananaz will be there too can invite along my sweet Mango kah?