Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is not so nice to hear....

A friend of mine asked me the other day, as claimed by him, that as a Christian, was it an onus for one to pay Tithe to the Church every month.

I was caught in a situation where if i didn't tell him the truth, would i be viewed as a half past six Christian or on the contrary if i did tell him the truth, would i cause some annoyance to other fellow Christians?

So frankly i admitted that i did not pay Tithe to the church, however what i do always is to give love offerings to the church but i do religiously set aside 10 % of my income in my free will for doing charity in areas or to whom i deem fit.

At this point, he was rather confused at my explanation and i did not want to pursue it further and what i told him the next was straight from my heart, i told him, then i said.

"As far as i am concerned, it is my strong belief that we must always be willing to give and help out whenever we can and able, be it monetary or physically and i do believe that charity must always start from home. For example, how can i help with limited resources someone else when my own sibling is in dire need of assistance. Ditto"

Truly he said i was "one kind" but i told him my conviction was towards God, not men and not even the church.

Please forgive me if i had caused some malaise among you guys but truly i cannot see this where we can be happy inside proclaiming this and that and shut our eyes to the outside.

P/S : Bigotry is unkind.


  1. seriously, reading ur blog is kinda educational. y? because i can learn many new words. 就有钱出钱,有力出力啦!在自己能力范围内。:)

  2. Some churches do that- cut how many % off income for the church. This is like the Romans during Jesus' time - give back to Ceasar what is Ceasar's and to God what is God. Whatone gives should be left to one's own discretion - to give more or less...

  3. Most of the mega churches in USA and even in Singapore have organised and structured like big businesses with flashy building, AV systems, mega millionaire pastors. Look closely at who really own these buildings, properties and trappings.

    For myself, I satyed away from all such organised religions.

  4. Usually it's those charismatic and big and contemporary (English-speaking) churches that practise this. I myself as a Christian do not agree to this kind of practice. We donate to the church during offerings sekadar mampu....not force every church member to pay 10% of salary! I don;t think it's ethical for the church 'law makers' to make this kind of ruling.

  5. Tithing is a very sensitive and controversial subject. It requires an in depth study to truly understand the significance of it. Here is my 2 cents opinion...
    The Mosaic Law does not portray tithing as a systematic, continual practice but as an occasional, even exceptional, form of giving. There are at least 3 different kinds of tithes under the Mosaic Law. Abel, Abraham, and Jacob examples:-
    1. Was Abel’s offering accepted by God as a tithe or because he made it in faith?
    2. Hebrews 7:4 refers to Abraham giving a tenth of the “spoils,” it did NOT say Abraham CONTINUOUSLY giving a tenth of all of his possessions for the REST of his life. Abraham was never commanded to give a tenth on a regular basis, and there is no evidence that Abraham ever tithed again. His giving of a tithe to Melchizedek should therefore be considered a “voluntary reciprocation” for the priestly functions performed by Melchizedek and a thank offering given to God for the success of the "military excursion.” If Abram’s tithing is any kind of model for Christians, it provides support only for occasional tithes (giving) of unusual sources of income.
    3. Likewise in the case of Jacob in Gen 28:22 Jacob made a vow to give “a tenth of everything You give me" is a reaction not one of awe, but rather terror or fear (lack of faith of what God has already promised to do for him.) Did Jacob fulfill his vow? Nowhere in Genesis is Jacob ever recorded as giving this tithe to God. “No details are given as to WHY Jacob specified a tenth,” nor “HOW the tithe would be given,” nor “to WHOM the tithe would be given.”
    Malachi 3:6–12 has been used and misused by many preachers. In Mal 3:10, God says, ‘Bring all the tithe into the STORE HOUSE, so that there may be FOOD in My house.’ Let us examine 3 key words:-
    "all" = WHOLE (the prophet tells the sons of Jacob to bring the “whole” 10% tithe into the storehouse. This could mean that some people were tithing and others were not, or it could mean that the people were giving, but holding back the full amount required.) Anyway, withholding of tithes was a sign of disobedience.
    “Store" = o-tsaw' (Hebrew) = a DEPOSIT (a saving)
    "House" = bah'-yith (Hebrew) = HOUSE (esp. of a FAMILY)
    “Food” = (Hebrew) teh'-ref = something FRAGMENT (part of)
    In my opinion God want us to be a good steward of HIS MONEY. The "FAMILY deposit or saving" (storehouse) is part of or "food" (meat, saving) of the Lord and is to be used as and when as per instructed by Him. Most churches will lay a claim as the "Lord's Storehouse" over their members’ tithes but I think it is not biblical as no where in the NT does a believer is commanded to 'tithe' (to the church) as a law. Considering the many controversies involving church misusing of funds today, I think it is in the Lord’s wisdom for every believer to be directly responsible to Him in setting apart the tithe (and offering) and disbursing it as He deem fit. It is no surprise that the Lord’s “(My) Storehouse” is set in the FAMILY and not in the church context.
    Although nowhere in the New Testament are Christians commanded to tithe, the New Testament encourages giving (we are encouraged to give, not tithe). In fact, it sets a considerably higher standard than merely giving ten percent of one’s income.
    The Bible says, "If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially his FAMILY, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." (1Tim 5:8) When faced with a choice, is tithing more important than providing for your family? I think a Christian ought to tithe, voluntarily, not forsaking other equally important commandments. Jesus did not prohibit tithing. He condemns the wrong attitude and motive of those who were tithing.
    So Eugene, is this what you meant when you said, “i do...set aside 10 % of my income in my FREE WILL for doing charity in areas or to whom i deem fit." What you mean is "to whom the Lord deem fit" right? Shalom.