Sunday, March 06, 2011

Beautiful Sunday........surely is.

"Sunday morning up with the lark, i think i will take a walk in the park,hey hey hey it's a beautiful day".......i was singing this song when i checking my blog's comment box then i noticed the comment left by Puan Issah confirming that i had won something.

I won a contest organised by Puan in regards to one picture she posted on her blog, then i thought it would be fun to join in the fun for reason that i have never won anything from any blog contest before, viola................. i just won a RM50 cash voucher from Puan. thank you.

Ok, let me share a little how i stumbled upon Puan Issah's blog. One of my favourite blogs that i love to read is of Claire's blog, then i would leave comments then i would see others who do the same, for so many times i saw this Puan Issah, then one day, i blog hopped to her blog and i found her to be a sincere blogger,(Usually i love those blogger who would put up some of their photos),then i became her follower already.

Some may think we bloggers are crazy but i guess we cant testify that they are wrong, we are here to share as a mother, a father, a husband, a wife or even a teen ( i love to read teen's comments in my blog), sometimes we cheer one another up, we sometimes we draw inspiration from others,,,,,,,,so long live bloggers.

Do hop over to Puan Issah's blog at ,let make some sincere friends.

P/S : Hey, hey hey, Its a beautiful day


  1. lucky! Later I go Penang, you belanja, ok? Hehehehehe!


    Through me, u won RM50!! hahahaa... i was way too late to comment but then i would have answered wrongly too!
    anyway, keep 10rm to belanja me lunch when i step into Farlim next time.. hahaha...

  3. good. So if put up your own photos mean since blogger? :p

    Hahaha :D You have to thank Claire then.

  4. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog Eugene :)
    Yes, I often visit Claire's blog & also enjoyed reading hers.

    Once again, Congrats & I will be sending you the vouchers by next week.

    Have a great Sunday with family!

  5. Congratulations! wonder you are so happy and blog on a sunday. Normally Sunday is your off day from blogging

  6. Congrats again.. jom shopping :)
    What a beautiful sunday,
    God bless..

  7. Great to hear about a beautiful Sunday of yours Uncle Eugene!
    I'm visiting Claire and Puan blog now :D
    Anyway, congratulation for your winning ^^ Lucky to got that!

  8. Wow really lucky! Congrats ya!

  9. It is always happy to win something, be it money or gift. Congratulations on the winning.