Friday, March 04, 2011

Resigning to the facts................

Suddenly, i realized it was coming to that time, the time i loathe the most but is inevitable therefore i am resigning to that fact, i am having "lou fah" already or they call it i guess presbyopia.

Went to see a customer yesterday who is about the same age and when i told him that i did not have "lou fah" ,he laughed at me and then he passed me his presbyopia glasses and challenged me to wear to see the difference, bingo, he was right,indeed i am having "lou fah" now, albeit not that serious.

Suddenly, he made me feel that it was that coming of time again that i despise the most as well but still unavoidable therefore i am resigning to the fact that, indeed i have receding hair line.

So, i went out with the same customer for lunch yesterday, bumped into another friend, he looked at me and he said," you don't change much but your hair is receding fast,right?" Every time when my friends make that comment, i just laugh it off.

Suddenly,i realized everything here on earth is temporal, so enjoy the moment, have a good heart and be nice to others..............God bless and have a great weekend ya.

P/S : Is now or never..............


  1. 日子一天一天的过,老朋友善意的提醒才发觉原来岁月不饶人呀。。。。看着小小的孩子,我突然怕死。。。


  2. LOL, 岁月不留人啊!:P
    But you're right la, enjoy the moment now! Take care and have a nice day!

  3. I also suspect I have "lou fah". Because I am computer line and I face computer about 8 hours a day, the chance of me to get "lou fah" is high. Sigh....

  4. enjoy...have a nice weekend :)
    God bless and take care...

  5. Yeah... what most important is the good heart that never change!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. 'lou fah'.. i did not know what that meant and I thought u were still talking about lou sang! lol..

    yes.. everything is temporary.. so enjoy ur life to the fullest now eugene... spare a day or two, come down to KL :P

  7. We won't know what will happen tomorow. Enjoy ur life while you still can..."Lou Fah" only no big deal. U have a nice wekeend ya.

  8. Sigh... i think when my turn comes I will find it difficult to accept age is catching up, and I cannot grow old gracefully. Every year my bday comes, I say I am 25 ; )

  9. The trade-off for age is wisdom and I believe that's not a bad thing. Have a wonderful w/e, Eugene.

  10. Hehehehe!! I don't wear glasses - eat your heart out! LOL!!!

  11. One will get to view clearer again. But when? :)

    All of us will grow old. It is inevitable. :)

  12. Bro. I also got it. I realized it when I wore a contact lens and have problems reading near. It's common after u reach 40. Yes, just live life to the fullest.

  13. Aiyah my dear brother, lou liao lah. U wear yr lou far specs at home, only when you read lor and as for your receeding hair, just cut your hair botak. Kau tim! :)

  14. Hahaha...welcome to the club brother. I already have lou fa a couple of years back and had to resort to wearing a multi focal lense spectacles....sigh...what to do...age is really catching up...

  15. What's important is to grow (ok I won't say the word o++) & add numbers to our age, GRACEFULLY.
    Once you wear specs you will find it ain't so bad at all. After all nowadays you can choose so many fashion frames (if you don't wear contact lens) to suit you.

    BTW, to cheer you up, CONGRATES on winning Mak isah's 'Guess Giveaway'!
    Come check my blog yea?

    Have a lovely week with friends & family :)