Monday, March 07, 2011

My boys and Money.....

I was sharing with my two boys the other day about my own personal financial thoughts, i told them that i would always have two sets of funds set aside every month, one is for "emergency", the other is for "charity".

When my lil Marvell asked me," Papa, why must you have charity fund ?" then i told him," it reminds me of a few things in life that i believe strongly in" i continued," That i am thankful that i have more than enough to spend every month but there are people who can't even have proper meals day in and day out, it also reminds me that happiness does not come from wearing LV,Prada or Coach but to see others happy."

After sharing with Marvell about my thoughts, he gladly passed me his RM200 ang pau money and said," Papa, please give this money to charity"

Since small, i have never mollycoddled my sons with expensive stuffs, they knew the meaning of needs and wants, i have also shown them even with a little gesture of giving that little extra that really makes someone happy.

For instance,if my parking ticket is 30 cents, i would give a dollar to that parking attendant then i would tell my sons that if one day there are 20 people like Papa giving that extra .70 cents, this parking uncle could bring more money home and that would make more people happy.

I am sharing this because i overhead a conversation this morning during my usual morning breakfast that someone was complaining that her 14 years old son spent about RM100 odd on phone bills every month no less.

P/S : I am thankful that my next meal is taken care of.........


  1. This is a very good reminder to us, to be grateful for what we have and be able to help others. You've taught your sons wisely.

    Recently I'm trying to cultivate this value to my daughter :)

  2. Bergayut di talipon. I dun think I spend that much for telephone calls.

    On another note, I'm grateful coz my parents taught me the value of money since young, somehow my bro didn't seem to get much of the same frequency *sweat.

  3. 我会把散钱给孩子,由他施于残废人士,要他看清楚,确定他所帮的是值得帮的。一些年轻不残废的就不该帮,因为他们应该自己想办法找工作。乐施是开心的!

  4. agreed with u..
    thanks for sharing this !!
    have a nice day :)

  5. True, some people around us are not as lucky as others, we should really lend them a helping hand whenever we could..
    Have a nice day Eugene!

  6. Good for you. Your boys are well brought up. :)

  7. Be thankful, praise the Lord. I'm glad my daughter doesn't spend much - have to push her t spend especially on food to make sure that she eats well. When she was small - could not walk past a blind or disabled man - she would insist that I gave some money... Looks like your son is like her too... We are so blessed.

  8. Child learn from young. You taught your kids well.

  9. Eugene, I am touched by your Marvell's generosity. It's very unusual for a little fella like him. You have taught your sons well. Great job!

    What goes around, comes around..

  10. My 3 kids, they are different in character... I never really taught them to be stingy or generous, they see, they follow...