Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He needs medical observation.

Both my lovely wife and i have known this couple with two children about 5 to 6 years ago through business contact and we had since become sort of like family friends.

During the early stage of our friendship, i remember the wife was telling us this during a casual chat without the presence of the husband," Looks Eugene and Phobee, when my children are grown up, i will sure divorce this monster"referring to her husband" at that point i was thinking probably she was only shooting out friendly banter toward her husband,just doing in jest nothing serious.

Just last two weekends ago, she called us to see if she and her children could put up a night in our place and we asked her why she needed to do that, she was filled with emotion telling us that the husband just walked off in the middle of buffet dinner, leaving them at the restaurant and they had to take a cab back to their Batu Ferringhi apartment only to find out that the husband refused to let them in.

This is not the first time he did this to his family, i was told the worst case scenario happened to the wife when she was left stranded in the airport with him flying off the earlier flight without even telling his wife.

I know the husband well and i am sure and convinced that he is one blardy selfish person, he only thinks for himself and he is a health freak, he will spend his time in the gym after work and he could not careless if the children have food on table or not.

I am also convinced that the husband needs medical attention in the area of "mental illness" but i was cautioned by the wife not to even suggest that to him,otherwise probably he would bash me up.

It was scary i remember when i talked to the son once when he was like 11 years old, when i asked him about his father, he simply said he wish he was dead.

From the outside, no one could tell this blardy friend of mine is this rotten,he seems affable, friendly and ever willing to helping friends, appearance can really be deceiving.

Now i can only hope that the wife will divorce this monster "when the children are all grown up" and i am sure it will be soon.........

Don't worry guys, this bastard will never read my blog for he has no time for this nonsense as according to him, his time is spent in the gym, golf turfs and sleeping.

P/S : Sometimes it is better off without men, i mean bad men


  1. Where is the love? I wonder why she married him in the first place. Perhaps he was pretending, so good until he got what he wanted...then all the bau comes out. That's why when choosing lifetime partner, must not look through rose-tinted glasses...

  2. Better be alone than in bad company (^_^)

  3. I really pity the wife and kid. Hope everything turns out Okay for them soon. You must be a really kind friend for her to call you in times of real need.


  4. Yeah , he really need medical attention. What's more important than family ? Of course he can workout but not overdo it and ignore his loved ones.

  5. Felt sorry for the wife and kids.. :(
    Hopefully there'll be solutions for them soon...

  6. 男人最怕入错行,女人最怕嫁错郎。

  7. Oh gosh, I feel sorry for your lady friend. She has to bear with this monster, just for the sake of their children. She's not working, isn't she? Otherwise, she could leave this man for good and support herself.

  8. one of my good friend suffers the almost similar situation. her father always bashes up her mom for no apparent reasons. if not the mom, the dad will bash the children. I wonder if he knew that he shud be lucky that no matter how he bashes them up (using shoes, fists, throw any objects at them), the kids remain obedient and patient to his behavior....in some places, he might be died in the most gruesome way already. =/

  9. She is an accountant and he is a boss of his own.........

  10. Oh goosh!

    This particular monster needs a zoo. I pity the lady. How could he do this.

  11. What?! What difference issit if got husband and no husband? If I'm the wife, I'd like to really kick him in the balls. Sorry, not being helpful here but just feel pity for the wife and kids.

  12. luckily she has got good friends like u & your wife.

  13. He might really need that psychiatrist insights..cud only the solution..:)

  14. What love means in the eyes of children...
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    Children understand more about Love. "...unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven."(Mat 18:3)God is Love.

  15. Thank you Matrixqc,

    I really like that part of the little who said," I helped him cry" this is so profound..

    god bless

  16. nowadays I will be the last one to come comment.. office might blocked the comment sheet but nevertheless, i always read yours in the morning..
    about this man, maybe sooner or later, kau chut si, if not go for psychiatrist care? yes, as stp said, must wear spectacles to see a person..
    tai ngan sik yan...

  17. OMG, how terrible is that. For a child to say that, ouch. Neglecting your family is a no no.

  18. Thanks guys for taking your time to leave your comments

  19. by the way Claire, don't worry , work comes first,, must jaga family ma,right?

  20. ya appearence can be deceiving. Just too bad nobody can get your friend some medical help. This will only become worse