Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Something to get off my burning chest.

" Hi Teresa, Eugene here, have you got the quotation that i emailed you?"
" Yes, i have, i will look at it and call you back ?" this was two weeks ago.

One week ago, as i was following up on my quotation sent out,
" Teresa, Eugene here, i believed you have gone through my quotation ?"
" Can you please resend to me, i have lost it"
I said ok," will do it right away"
" Teresa, you received it already?"
" Yes, i did, your prices ok, will call you back shortly"

The shortly took two days, i really thought that she would give me the business, so i called again,
" Good morning, Teresa, Eugene here."
She hollered at the end of another line," I can't hear you, i call you back"
I hung up the phone, i was asking myself, how could this Teresa call me back when she said she could not hear me, never mind i said, i would wait til tomorrow.

So the next day,
" Good morning Teresa, i thought you were supposed to call me back?"
" Ok ok, i am busy now, i promise to call you back in 15 minutes"
the 15 minutes was consumed by a day. i told myself i would call the last time tomorrow morning.

"Good morning Teresa, Eugene here"
" Ok, sorry i am not at my desk now, i call back ,ok ?" she said hastily and i was fuming now, i intercepted her by saying.
" Look Teresa, just tell me if yes or no for my business proposal, don't treat me like a fool and i don't like you keep giving me excuses."
" not like that lah, Eugene, i will call you back ,ok?"
I was cool even thought was angry( business don't come easy ma)then i said.
" I don't see sincerity in you, let forget about you saying calling back all this shit" i hung up on her and i felt nice.

Seriously i don't blame her, i was just frustrated at those who can't say no for a no, why are they giving people false hopes.

P/S : When i get rejected the 100th times, i will get up and say," here comes the 101th time"


  1. Well...she should have been more responsible. :/

  2. she shud have been honest about it...it's either 'yes' or 'no'..not giving excuses.

  3. Apa punya ini orang. Janji mau call pun x call balik... susah la macam ni... orang mau cari makan ma... if yes then yes lor no then no... po po ma ma... zhan hai gek sei yan ah

  4. what la teresa. don't like ppl like this kinda attitude. I encountered this kind of ppl before too.

  5. Terrible. She should just say NO! Keeping people hanging on like that is certainly NOT nice... Maybe she doesn;t want it and she doesn't you to offer to others either. Some people are like that - real B****!

  6. Emm not good to treat someone you know like that especiallt to your friend...

  7. hmm.....she should not waste your time over here. If not interested should just say NO.

  8. is this first time u doing biz with her?

  9. 有时候当你说“不”时,对方会找来一堆新方案,死缠着不放。。。我想你的客人吴以为你是那类人吧?往好的一方面想,或许她不想太让你难过?原谅她吧,至少她没骂人。。。。

  10. i agree on the hope part.... i will always bluntly say no... i somemore will add then you can say i am a bitch but at least i am honest. ahhaha

  11. Eugene,
    I can understand your frustration. I too have my share of such 'fake' response, even from people whom I care about. They are always saying ok ok, I will call you. or get back to you. and you wait and you wait and you wait till one day you reliase they won't.I often wonder why can't they just be honest and tell us straight, even if it is a no. I don't buy the excuse they just trying to be nice or dont want to hurt us. on the contrary, by beating around the bush it hurt even more right? But unfortunately if you are in the business world you have to be consistance and if there is a chance of getting that business you still have to call them even thought it seems difficult or silly.

  12. Hate this kinda person who is not sincere and dont keep their promise right? Nvm, I believe there're other choices available...

  13. Hey, like your bold header.

    She is scared to offend you and at the same time have no courage to be sincere. bad for her business, bad for you. But remember, what goes around comes around. :-)

    for me, i wont call her back after the 3rd time and go spend my energy elsewhere. obviously she's not professional enough

  14. I wonder why that she can't be frank to you, Yes or No. But it seem a No for me from her reaction to you. Perhaps she just wanted your quotation for comparison. hmm

  15. haisehh... initially i thought she genuinely forgotten or was seriously bz.. but if it's excuses, screw it! you do hv soooo much patience, eugene...

    she tarnish the good name of teresa... haha

  16. Ahha! I understand your frustration. I believe those who are doing marketing line meet many of this type. You are too patient to call/wait for this irresponsible person. Luckily my job requires me to be more technical, or else... I'll burst too ;) Stay cool, Eugene.

  17. who was it that invented light bulbs ah? Newton or what? his 1001 attempt baru successful though everyone called him stupid

  18. it's ok la, eugene, this will not the last time you'll get a response like this. accept it & move on but don't burn the bridge. you'll never know when you need to retreat.

  19. Phew.... memang a relief! either she doesnt feel good rejecting you or she is playing a fool...

  20. Thank you guys for the comments, appreciate them

  21. i agree with you. is it really so difficult to say no? I would rather hear a sincere no than being led around with false promises.

  22. sigh... i think i'm going through this same problem right now, eugene... i hope the person replies me soon, or i'm going to give up on her liao