Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You work hard,you deserve a massage........

A lot of time, we say to ourselves that stress is the number 1 killer and a lot of time, we tell ourselves we need to pamper our body as a token of saying "thank you" for our body has enabled to help us to strive on but sadly a lot of time we forget.

Can you still remember when's the last time you gave a body a break and your mind a rest, you can't right? Probably because it has truly been a long long while since you treated your body good.

So now i want you to take a deep breath,to open up to yourself a whole new dimension of massage that is brought to you by Eric Sjoberg, a Holistic Health Practitioner, you will learn at Massage San Deigo a massage that's truly different and deserving to your tired body.

As far as i am concerned, a wonderful session massage must also come in the form of cool, relaxing, a out of hustle and bustle of the daily grind back drop. At Eric's Massage Hillcrest, the whole massage experience is further enchanced by beautiful Koi pond and waterfall and with Eric's customized sessions to cater to your needs.

I bet after hoping over to these two sites, you will be immediately enticed to head all the way to see for yourself what a true massage can be.

So now i say to you, take sometimes out to pamper yourself and indulge in a massage in the midst of the quiet and quiant environment, let your body enjoy itself and allow the mind immerse itself in true relaxation.

P/S : Give your body a break


  1. Long time, haven't gone for a massage. So relaxing...

  2. Nope! I have never been to a massage parlor before. Only my wife massage me. :D

  3. My last visit for a full body massage was about a month ago.. would love to go again but hardly find the time. (and money of course :p)
    You're right, we must learn to de-stress our mind and body!

  4. I went for massage at least once every two months. And went for facial once a month, during that personal time, i can sleep/rest like pig or cow~~it started since i was 27,never missed it. That is your own body, and only you yourself know how to take care of it. When you can't sleep well, can't concentrate on work or lost interest with friends & family activities, then its time for your to find a way to get back to normal. I hv found my way, but it actually needs more investment (RM)...but what is better than to have a healthy body and mind?

  5. Oh, so you got this review opportunity too! :D I wrote about it too.