Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank You.................

A friend asked me the other day," Eugene, why do you blog?" jokingly he said," you want to be famous ka?" My answers to his questions were,firstly "i don't know" secondly," no" .

Now thinking of it, i really don't know why i love blogging so much,except the fact that i just love blogging, i love to pen down my thoughts to share, that's it, i reckon.

It has been 29 months since the birth of this blog, today i take this opportunity to say a big "Thank You" to you guys, for opening my thoughts, my mind, leap beyond my own domain to learn to be a better papa, a nicer and more loving husband, a more compassionate friend, a more humble Christian and to remain truthful as a blogger.

To be truth, reading each and every comments that you guys left for me, i have learnt a lot, see more of my own iniquities, my own flaws, for that i appreciate that.

And to those (they prefer to remain anonymous) who had even sent me a book of parenting because he read that i was having problem with my eldest, i thank you

To those who sent me beautiful towel, key chains, book marks, i appreciate it.

To those who have helped me to make some money from blogging, and not forgetting your patience in guiding me how to put up the Ad on my blog for i am a total idiot when it comes to HTML, i owe you a treat, and thank you once again for your biscuits

And to the someone, who one day sent me an email, saying sorry to me for not asking my permission when all she wanted to do was to give me a new fresh blog header and picture, i say to you, don't worry, i love it so much.

And to another someone, who took the trouble to send me a big box of instant noodles via air cargo, i will not forget you,that's the promise.

And to a few ones, who once sent me emails telling me that they appreciate me and my blog, i love to say this, i appreciate you the more.

And finally,to those who have taken time off to see me while holidaying here, please do it again.

Have a great weekend, God bless and be nice to your family...........Friday is here,, hooray

See you on Monday ya
P/S : Two little words........."THANK YOU"


  1. i love ur new header for sure! :D i wonder if im inside the list?? :P if yea, i will say this to u - U're most welcome! and i love reading ur blog! :D learn lots from here. :) TGIF and have a great weekend to u n family yea!

  2. You're welcome and thanks you. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Blogging is just fun, sometimes we cant explain why also.. I think its mainly on sharing.. ;)

    You enjoy your weekend!

  4. That's great.

    Have a great weekend :D

  5. a "SMILE" from me to you ... have a great weekend ...:P
    I do enjoy reading ur blog ... very much . & i learn alot from blogging too ... and to improve my english too , get to know many nice blogging friends even we never meet !! that's what i love about blogging .

  6. have a great weekend ahead bro..."D

  7. the way u said those words.. it is like.. getting a Best Blogger Award in a presentation grand function.. hahhhaa...

  8. Wah! Nice new header.

    Keep on blogging bro. Don't stop as long as we breath the air.

  9. Hmm.. nice header.

    Blogging is what we call "god sent" to those who wish to have an alternative avenue to voice their concerns and thoughts.

    So keep blogging, and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Check out my other blogs too if you have the time :)


  10. Thanks for yr honesty. I do hope more men are like u... putting Fmaily as a priority.

  11. We enjoy reading your blog bro. :D

  12. Thanks to you too eugune. i learn a lots from your blog.

    Happy weekend to you and family!

  13. Hehehehehe...instant noodles. Humph!!! Thought you forgot to mention liao!

  14. Thanks for sharing with us so many of your insightful thoughts. I really enjoy reading them. I may not leave a comment often but I DO visit very often :) Sometimes I just don't know what to say so I'll just read and digest in silence hehe...

  15. i love the new header... its much cooler :D

    i like you blog coz it light & real, honest & humble. no hidden agenda in getting popularity (i hope ;))

    btw, since you pen it down, does that mean when i am in penang you folks can take me eat good halal penang food. hahahahaa.... am gponna be there after raya *hint hint*

  16. I guess it is because our blogs help us to put down our thoughts in better perspective. I always feel better after I blog. Only those who blog will understand the fascination of blogging to another blogger. Hehe. Happy Weekend!

  17. Blog on bro..tQ to you too for your breadfast thoughts..

  18. keep on blogging because many people can be touched by what you wrote . happy weekend.

  19. wah, soooo many gifts from blogging kah... how come i don't receive any gifts, any good, any money?!! hahaha...

  20. :) You are one famous blogger there Eugene whether you realise it or not. Hey.. what ever happened to your plan to come down KL? we are ALL waiting for you lah!

  21. You make me think of Elvis. He says Thank you, thank you very much. LOL...

  22. Hi Eugene,
    It's been ages since my last blog walk here & there.

    I really love your blog new look!

    Keep on doing what you love doing. Blogging doesn't harm people physically. And blogging is one of the best things you do i believe.

    Take care bro!

  23. Thank you for sharing all your thoughts and insights too. Not easy to do that openly, to people whom yo u don't know :-). Although I do not comment in every article (don't know what to say sometimes), I enjoyed reading each one of them :-)