Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Happy Independant Day to you my friends..............................

I hope one day we shall all be mature enough to see that this country truly belongs to each and everyone of us.

I pray that no one shall ever call someone "pendatang" anymore.

I cross my fingers that no students should be called to go back to India or China, even Air Asia provides free tickets.

53th Independence, let us go forward and not backward.

Let us fight outside and not fighting inside............

I Love Malaysia, I Love Ali, Ah Beng and Samy and everyone else

P/S : Don't wait till it is too late


  1. Yeah! Happy 53rd Anniversary Malaysia. :D

  2. Happy Merdeka day to you too!

    Yeah yeah yeah!!!

  3. Happy National Day to you.. enjoy your day!

  4. Happy Independence Day... are we really happy with 53 years of independence? Yes, and no.

    Yes because we're free from colonization.

    No because nothing much has changed besides physical ones.

    You're right, Eugene. We are all Malaysians, born, grew up and will eventually die here. There's no such thing as "pendatang" - the term was created by selfish and power-hungry blokes :(

    So, dear Malaysians... let's strive for a more harmonious country.

  5. Happy Merdeka to you too. Hope you're enjoying your day off :)