Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little observation... a big revelation.

Just wanna share this with you guys and i sincerely hope it will prompt you and me to once again to help us to strengthen our relationship with our spouse, i am no expert in this area but the little observation that i took notice of from two different occasions say a lot to me as far as marriage and relationship is concerned.

I attended a house warming party together with my lovely wife, we were the first couple to appear that allowed us more time to mingle with the wife,(the husband not back yet then). We were talking about family, and as i was just casually asking her about the husband, she started to complain a little here and there about the hub, and she was not excited talking about him.

On last Sunday, after the church service and after the water baptism ceremony, we were ushered into a hosting area, there was this couple (the husband and wife went through the water baptism as well) i was standing among the small crowd and suddenly i overheard the husband saying something like this to another church member," That's my wife, isn't she pretty, I am in health line, she is in beauty business and she is pretty." and i turned around and looked at this couple, i could see the hub's face beaming with pride and joy and they warmed my heart.

Story ends here, let us begin saying nice things, making edifying comments about our spouse and i bet it will make a lot of difference to our relationship. Stop calling our spouse weird names, if you know what i mean.

If we are not proud and excited talking about our spouse, what else can it be more exciting in a relationship than that, right?

Note: if you were to look for bad points about your spouse,i bet you can find some,likewise if you were to look for good points, you can find some as well,agree?

P/S : She is not a perfect wife, neither am i a perfect husband too


  1. very true..haha,but i still have to admit that sometimes I can't help but complain abit.:X

  2. Yeah! Always find the positive in others. :)

  3. Marriage is hard work...and both parties must keep working hard at it. It takes both hands to clap.

    Do nice things whenever you can so that there will always be nice things to say about one another. Too bad many take it all for granted - and what's worse, once married, romance goes out of the window and all the "bau" will come out...

    P.S. But words don't mean anything - action speaks louder than words.

  4. agree. find some good in everybody regardless off...

  5. Complaint too much not good in relationship. Look at the brighter side whenever we stumble something not right in our spouse behaviour. Do nice things to our spouse and he/she will do the same..

  6. I agree, I can't stand it when couples complain about their other half to friends/relatives. I rather tell my husband to his face about his flaws (so he can rectify it of course) than complain to others.

  7. I can't deny that I do complain.... but only to him directly :-). It's better to keep things within the couple.

  8. yeap.. agree.. xD
    but i complain a lot too i think.. woooo... hv to stop complaining coz i rili love him. lol