Friday, April 02, 2010

Back To School.................

My happiest day of the week is here, none other than Friday, feeling upbeat, feeling great i am and i hope you feel likewise too, life's short,why make it harder, right? Oops,what more exciting is today is also a Easter Weekend, God bless you guys.

Last night, i was teaching my son homework and helping him on his studies,suddenly i realized that it was so much fun sitting down with him and cracking up our brains to solve problems, i like that feeling of going back to the school again. Hence today i feel like doing this thing called Fill In the Blanks with you guys, hope you will join in the fun.................

Please fill in following blanks with the wackiest quote you could have thought of.

1) Life is _______________________________
2) Sex is________________________________
3 )Extra Marital affair is_____________________
4) Difference between woman and man is_________
5) God is________________________________

That's it folks, hope you guys will be on cloud nine today and over the weekend, remember to say " I Love You" to someone.........Family First No Matter What.

P/S : Good feeling is when you know how to enjoy the bad one.........


  1. Today is Good Friday.. I Love U, Lord..for dying on the cross for our sins..
    Happy Weekend to u!

  2. Let's remember Jesus this weekends more than we usually do.

  3. Life is good.
    Sex is great.
    Extra Marital Affair is a sin.
    Difference between a man and a woman is in their sexual function.
    God is almighty!

  4. hahahahahha

    Life is a bitch
    Sex is indiscriminate
    Extra Marital Affair is nature
    Difference between a man and a woman is between the legs
    God is everywhere (or at least HIS grace is)


  5. oh.. today is GOOD FRIDAY! and soon will be EASTER!! don't know what to write coz my brain crack to fill in your blanks.. :p

  6. Life is a puzzle.
    sex is a unification.
    extra marital affair is a disgusting act.
    Hmmm...what's the difference? Gender?
    God is omnipotent! :D

    Have a good Friday bro.

  7. 1) Life is full of challenges
    2) Sex is everywhere
    3) Extra Marital affair is rampant
    4) Difference between woman and man is sex
    5) God is everywhere

  8. Have a good friday, have a great friday too.

    Life is simple
    Sex is complicated
    Extra marital affair is trouble
    Difference between a man and a woman is a bone and a boner.
    God is, period.

  9. 1) Life is beautiful__________________________
    2) Sex is_additive______________________
    3 )Extra Marital affair is MI (mission impossible)
    4) Difference between woman and man is__one got batang one no batang!
    5) God is universal!

  10. 1) Life is food, food and more food!
    2) Sex is History! LOL!!!
    3 )Extra Marital affair is when somebody marries twice.
    4) Difference between woman and man is wo....
    5) God is LOVE!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  11. Life is too Short.
    Sex is a must.
    Extra marital affair is No No
    Difference between a man and a woman is the "tools"
    God is very busy. Please take care of yourself first.

  12. lol... sounds fun!

    Life is a TREASURE MAP, it holds adventures that waiting to be explored!

    Sex is part of the TREASURE that we have found!

    Extra Marital Affair is TRAPS and SNARES that we must be wary of!

    Difference between a man and a woman is man GUIDES and woman RULES!

    God is CLUES during the adventure!

    Happy Easter to you and family, cheers!

  13. I love this phrase "Good feeling is when you know how to enjoy the bad one........." Happy weekend to you!

  14. 1) Life is never fair, but God is good.
    2) Sex is a union between a man and woman.
    3 )Extra Marital affair is heartbreaking, destructive =.=
    4) Difference between woman and man is their sexual organs =p
    5) God is EVERYTHING! =)

    have a blessed Easter!

  15. 1)Life is series of unfortunate events
    2)Sex is magical
    3)Extra marital affair = extra curriculam activities
    4)One talk & one supposedly listen

  16. I would like to wish you and your family
    Many Easter Blessings and have you a great Easter!