Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Why do men stray and why do women still stay?

When i read about the recent so called sex scandal of one very famous director cum actor from Singapore committing extra marital affair, few things got into my head and i began to ask.

Why do men stray?
1) Is it because it is a norm for a man to stray when one's achieved fame and fortune, to show that with these two elements, we can exihibit that we can have things our ways?

2)Or because so many years into the marriage, the legitimate sex life has become some sort of routine, or "open and get it done with quick" kind or because we need to get some wild things to rejuvenate the already stale sex life and to rekindle the fire?

3)Or is it because the decay of the society, telling us that having marital affairs is not a big crime as long as both parties are willing?

4)Or is it because we think that as long as we keep our family well fed,then it is only fair that we should reward ourselves with some flings after slogging so hard to provide for the family?

And why do women still stay when their men have strayed?

1) Is it because women have the kindest of heart, thus not willing to see the family crumbled and the children suffered?

2)Or it is because the love of the women for the men is the testimony of love conquers all even the worst infidelity of the man?

3)Or it is again that women believe that they can change the men, once we admit our mistakes and pledge to stay clean and never to commit that sin again?

4)Or it is finally women believe that man's sexual desire is in some ways insatiable, thus as long as we provide for the family then it is "one eye open, one eye close"?

But as far as i am concerned, it is a crazy world out there and guess no one is spared from temptation to be fairy said but to do one thing right before the devil starts prowling, let us instill that one character as far as i am concerned that is to have "The Fear of God" in us.

P/S : The conclusion is to fear God and keep his commandments


  1. I think $$ and status is the culprits. When men have $$, they can spend. Some said wanna release tension. Or are they bored with their wife already?

  2. dude, not only Men stray lah.. women do too.. dun be so biased.. u'll be surprise to see how many women out there are two timing their hubs.. n the hubs still stay...

  3. temptations...especially when you do not fear God, rich and powerful.

  4. Dear Merryn, i know that too ..... but the reasons behind a woman fling is different from man,,,,,

    it is a crazy world out there, i write man,, you write about woman one ok,, tak,,,,,,,?

  5. why do men stray?

    1)forbidden fruit seems to taste better..

    2) Stale sex life..loss of the fire

    3) temptation from 3rd party

    4) for the excitement

    Why women stay?

    1) financial reason

    2) humiliation of divorce

    3) Children

    4) Love

    I've come across two cases

    1)Ex-boss. When the biz was small scale, the wife helped him. But when rich, wife forgotten. Got a mistress.

    2) A young girl.Knew the man is married. Set out to catch the man for $$ coz she saw the wife is like ugly. Dated the man and hinted the hp rosak blah blah..got a new phone from the man. And yet she lament she cant find love

  6. men stray bcs it is in the biology hahhahha like farting = =

  7. For me those actor, sports idol (David Beckham)wives know very well many "butterfly" will fly to their hb. For them they can't stop it but just keep one eye open and one eye close as long the hb still love and care for her and the family. Are they stupid to sacrifice like this? or they are too "smart" to pretend dunno and maintain the marriage?

  8. 3) Men sowing wild oats have been practised since ages ago. It was more defined then that the number of wives determined the social status of men.
    As to why women still stay, from my personal encounters, the women I've asked only came up with one answer..... bcoz the children.

  9. it's all depends on our moral standard...of course, a lot of time, both man and women have to take pain to maintain the relationship...and keep the spark of love there even after many years of relationship. Frankly speaking, a lot of women stay because of kids

  10. it is a tricky one eugene.

    each marriage is different and each has a unique story to tell.

    my parents have brought me up (my mother especially) in the belief that 'destroying someone else's marriage by being the mistress' is the lowliest thing one can do as a woman. so i've always despised married men who have 'ulterior' motives.

    I personally experienced the ugly side of men when I was posted to a new town right after I graduated. I had no family near me and I had no boyfriend at that time. I made the mistake of buying a second hand car in a terrible condition and tried to sell it off by myself. I met 4 salesmen (all married) and I am not kidding when I say this -- all of them made indecent proposals to me (ie, suggesting that I be their mistress, ringing me up constantly for a chat, or asking me out for dinner, or wanting to buy me gifts)...

    Until today I am still trying to figure out why they do that. One of them was even newly married with a baby on the way...

    It is a mystery that will remain a mystery. Why do people kill? why do people spend thousands on branded goods and refuse to donate to charity? why do men cheat? why do women suffer domestic violence in silence?


  11. easier said than done ,Eugene.whether you fear very much of God or you keep all his commandments written and kept in your wallet.the best way is to avoid going into the "lion's caves ,knowing there's an angry and hungry lion inside".otherwise...no way(unless you're not straight).sometimes when a beautiful woman comes a little bit 'closer'than normal to me,..i already forgot my own sirname.

  12. It is a bit sad that lot of women are willing to swallow bitterness and ignore the pain. I think it has a lot to do with self esteem. Look at Liz Taylor and J.Lo, so much self esteem they toss men around like they're a dime a dozen! Either way, they'res still in a sad situation X

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  14. i think this issuee because of the (1) of man and same apply (1) for woman

  15. If my hub would have read this**

    **Hi Papa Eugene, i guess after reading ur blog for sometime, first time i dropping a comment..hehee

  16. I believe husbands or wives who 2-timing are useless rubbish! These kinds of people shouldn't get married in the first place! :(

  17. Why do men stray?

    because their butt itchy