Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She cried................

This is something that has really disturbed me a little here and then, something that kind of makes me helpless in wanting to help, to lend a hand or to find out why he is behaving the way that he is behaving.....

This just can't be it... i wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, how could this be ? when someone who longs for love, concern, words of encouragement, a hug, a kiss, some warmth and some tenderness from someone of whom we consider our "the other half" and just when the
"the other half" is in the most trying time,the longing seems so far fetch and looks so far a distant.

This just can't be it either........ so many years ago, the man could wait for hours after hours during those wooing times, times when he thought that all his waiting, all his absurdness seemed oh so worthwhile. How come all this has changed ?why is he not the same anymore.

Wanted to pass something to my second sister this morning, called her up, i could hear sobs over the phone, telling her to come see me in the coffee shop. She came, i saw tears dripping down on her face, asked her why, she declined to tell, but i already knew.

As i mentioned not long ago, my dear sister is suffering a bad sickness,and a sickness that of late the doctor said had deteroriated a little bit, that sickness has battered her spirit,her hope towards life. kind of tossed her into topsy-turvy situation.

What got her really sad is the non-chalant attitude of her husband, he claimed that my sister was making a moutain out of a mole-hill, the attention and cares that a husband should shower upon the wife during this difficult time is not at all felt by her.

As a brother, i am helpless in giving her the advice and i am also not keen in lecturing her husband, for i know it would not be nice, telling someone off just because i feel for my sister. All i really could do is to encourage her to keep looking things at the brighter side and keep praying for a miracle.

I could feel how frustrating it can be that during one's most difficult time, when you long for the attention, the care, the concern and the love of someone you love can be so difficult.

P/S : Till death do us part ?


  1. :( I feel for your sister too. Hope she'll stay strong to deal with the situation :(

  2. a person is sick and the one who looks after her stands helpless.. sometimes the one who takes care also feel the strain but he/she doesnt say it..
    yes, hope your sister stays positive..dont wallow in self pitiness, it gets worse. but then easier said than done,right?
    God bless her!

  3. till death do us part.. her hubs might feel helpless rite now.. it is definitely hard for both parties.. we can't judge him as we don't really know what HE is going thru too.. at times like this, ppl need to stay positive and strong.. and the ppl around them.. just continue to give ur support..

  4. im sorry to hear about your sister..luckly she have a brother like you..=)

  5. Try out Longevitology. It help to speed up recovery and it is entirely on volunteer basis meaning F.O.C.

    Many ppl feel better, sleep well, heal faster after the adjustment. ;) No harm trying

  6. Could it be that the husband is too stressful with her problem and trying to getaway? There could be other reasons too. Taking care of others is not easy, especially for a man who needs to work too.

  7. hi.. my first time comment in ur blog. i feel sad for your sister. then again, if we look at different angle and try see it from the husband's eye, maybe he is scared himself, but he doesnt want to show it but instead gave her encouragement to divert her worry. then again, i don't know him or her, so i might be wrong.

  8. =( Pity ur sister. I hope God will take care of her. Manusia cannot harap wan, no joke. I felt almost the same thing before as well.

  9. feel sad for ur sister.

    be stronger and think positive. we cannot change people thought but we can change our...

  10. Where all the love has gone?

    Will pray for your sister and her husband's understanding and love.

  11. Hrm... how true it's after a guy gets married he changed...

    After having children, he changed's the matter that whether he changed to be a better man or vise versa.

    Your sister is not alone... she really needs you and your family supports, just give her some "push up"!

    Btw, your wife is definitely the luckiest one! ;)

    Have a present weekend!

  12. You are right in not confronting the hubby. Just be there for your sister to lend a listening ear is the best thing you can do as a brother.

  13. hihi....i'm back!!...hehehehe.

    looks like i'm facing the same issue. like you, i often console my sis to look at the brighter side of life and ignore the negative. as her brother all i can do is to support and encourage her. but one can only take so much to a certain extend.

  14. I'm so sorry for you sister. She has to be strong now. :(