Monday, March 08, 2010

Woman... 三八妇女节,妇女万岁

Today the eighth of March marks the celebration of Woman International Day, kudos to all the ladies who have made it through thick and thin, bravo to those who have forsaken the bad apples to the greener apples and well done to those ladies who stood up to the oppressions from the opposites.............

Remember the Aretha Franklin's number," Sisters are doing it for themselves, standing on their own two feet......" and if you are still shackled by the misconception that you are less capable than your male counterparts, please think otherwise, and if you are still trapped in the emotion dungeon that you do not have the power to change,please believe otherwise

Let me share with you ladies, one survey result carried in Europe, it clearly shows that most of the big corporations in that continent are beginning to see that ladies are now the burgeoning force that are able to helm the highest positions in those big big corporation. Women are more focused, women have higher sense of intergrity and women are more tenacious

So woman make that change....kudos once again.........

P/S : Behind a successful man, there lies a woman. Behind a successful woman,there lies herself


  1. Thank you..thank you.. hehheee

  2. Yeah I'm a I must wish myself "万岁,万岁"...yeah! yeah!

    But hio Eugune, the first 2 words in chinese, "三八" tak berapa siok didengar leh...hehe!

  3. wah, didnt know there's a woman international day. hehe

  4. women are powerful...can bring down a nation!

  5. "Behind a successful man, there lies a woman"

    I like the quote! :)

  6. This is a day worth celebrating fo all the ladies out there.

    There is a Chinese saying that "women can hold up half the sky" hor...

    Spicy Mother

  7. when is Man International day ?...

  8. Thank you for your high praises! I am proud to be a woman and love to be someone's daughter, sister, wife, companion, mother and friend. And I hope to make a difference in my life too....

  9. Wonderful, you remember the day ...
    REally u r the real gem?
    Perhaps 1 out of the 100.. hahaha

  10. Women rock! That is without a doubt. :p