Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thank guys... i am almost there..........

I posted about the malaise of me being not able to sleep soundly throughout the night, and it was you guys who were gracious enough to share with me your tips and advice in getting a nice slumber, and i am happy to annouce that it has been good sleep the night before, and tonight i am going to do just likewise.

I have always thought that beer could do the magic in giving me the good night sleep but it turned out otherwise, and i began to realize that my sleeping problem was partly due to my beer drinking habit.

I took the advice of going for a evening cardio exercise( i did a 45 minutes run), light dinner, strickly no beer, had a cup of warm milk, reading my book, said a little prayer to the Lord, giving thanks to him and freed my mind for the cares of the day, this is what i did yesterday night and i had good sleep.

Today i did the same, played a game of tennis,light dinner but my beer buddy just called( 9.20 pm) asking me to join him for beers, temptation was strong, i declined but it is so hard to fend off this allurement of beers, what more when i just had some discord with my wife, really wanted to go and drink to shake of the frustration, and suddenly i thought there was this thing i could do to calm myself down. BLOGGING it was.

Now is 9.38 pm , the allurement of beer has subsided and i am going to make myself a glass of warm milk, reading my book, say a little prayer, and good night.

This is the book that's currently accompanying me to sleep or rather before i sleep.(has anyone of you read this before?) i am at page 56 only.

P/S : Good nights folks, thank God for blogging (9.44 pm)


  1. that's great to hear that bro. Ya know, I was feeling stressful yesterday night and decided to go for a run. I feel much better after a 30min cardio on the treadmill. Keep it up.

  2. Hey! I've read that book a year or two ago. A very good book about a boy an the way of life in his country.

    Seems that you love reading too ya. If you want new books at cheap price, can visit Price very cheap. And they do online order :D

  3. yes, eugene seems to like reading, kathy.. yes, read some books before hitting the pillows.. it helps.. then u will dream of the hero/heroine.. hahaha..

  4. You like to read bro? It's been such a long time since I last read a book. Haha :D

    It's good that reading can help a bit with your sleep bro. :)

  5. I am so happy to hear that you are trying not to drink so much.
    Honestly, I am rather against drinking, I lost a few important people via drinking like my dearest grandpa.
    My late dad used to drink too.
    Bravo for trying to stop.
    Do it for yourself and family who loves you.

  6. I read Daily Bread before going to sleep. Hehehe

  7. hahahah finally u found the cure...tat is a good book.....i have read it and watched its movie :)

  8. He he heh, sleep tight.....zzzzzz

  9. good afternoon now.. =.=
    eh.. try red wine la.. heard ppl said is good, but i never try b4..

  10. a glass of warm milk and soft soothing music, plus a warm shower.

    This Kite Runner must be a boy's book. I tried to read it but couldn't get it.

  11. Eugene, hope you're having good night sleep these days.

    Won't be around for a week so here's wishing you a earlyHappy CNY my friend, have a good one! Read your when I'm back!