Monday, January 11, 2010


While my wife was away to her hometown, during the weekend i decided to embark on a small scale of spring cleaning, to dust off the dustered,to unclutter the cluttereds, and to recollect some memories from the old stuffs.

As i toiled myself to more cleaning, suddenly i stumbled upon my wedding photo albums that have been tucked away at the corner of the cabinet, i took them and started to leaf the pages one by one.

And as i was looking at the pictures, suddenly i realized there are so many friends of mine of who had attended my wedding dinner, have not been keeping in touch with me or vice versa and there was 14 years ago, and suddenly i wonder where they are now.

I lost those friends, some are due to some money issues, some are those i declined thier business offers of joining them in MLM or insurance and etc, thus they stopped contacting me, and some are because the lack of initiative from both parties to keep the friendship.

Now suddenly i am counting how many good friends i have, how many those friends that i could really confide in? How about you?

Q) How many good friends you have lost over the years and the reasons for it?

P/S : My friends, i Appreciate you................


  1. I hv lost most of my schoolmates. Most of them are overseas but we lost contact.

  2. Many. The reason? Age. Haha. I find that as you age and you all move on in different paces, you tend to fall out of each other's lives simply because you have less in common now.

    Anyway, you don't have to worry. Now you have more blogger frens than you can count. :)

  3. it's normal eugene...

    I just cleaned up my room and found collections of old pics...and found out that among those pics, I only keep in touch with barely a handful of them...most of them went M.I.A but I am blessed that God gave me lots of friends from my paintball life and blogging world to replace the ones that I lost, that including you! ^^

  4. Most of them...I lost. Some after they married, further study, work overseas and some just MIA... I hope I can find then one day,.

  5. used to have one BFF but she betrayed my trust, so no more already. at times i wonder if i really need any best friend in life.

  6. Hahaha :D I still have my friends contact in facebook. yay! :D

  7. Eugene,

    I quote from Uncle Lee's blog "People come into your life for a REASON, a SEASON, or a LIFETIME."

  8. now I only able to see some of my schoolmates in Facebook, but we never did once gather together... :( I think the theory of friends come friends go is true ya..

  9. At the end of the day, it takes two hands to clap in maintaining a friendship.

    Deep down inside, you will know who are your real friends and who aren't.

  10. friends..I have many, good hard to find.