Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Longest Night

1.59,, 2.25, 3.40, 4.12, dont worry i am not crunching the numbers, nor am i giving you the prediction for the lucky numbers for you to wager, it is now 4.30 am friday , i was vegetating in front of TV set and could not sleep, for the reasons below...

My wife is once again away being back to her hometown 400 odd KMs away and i am left with my two wonderful sons, the problem with me is i cant sleep well if i know that i have to make sure everything is intact for the boys, to make sure i dont oversleep and they too, and i just cant trust the alarm in my handphone.

So throughout the whole night,my sleep was intermittent, tossing around and i just kept looking at the time displayed in the video player. I hate this feeling but then again, my mind kept telling me to stay awake and my body kept telling me to sleep, the tussle only resulted that my mind was mightier than my body, so i had the longest night as of now.

I knew i was to tired to ferry my boys to school,so i called my good friend cum neigbour asking for his assistance to help me to get the boys to school, thank God for Richard.

Looks like my friday has started in a zombie fashion and hopefully once i click off from blogging, i would manage to get some sleep.

5.55 am friday.

P/S : Lonely is the night when i am not with you


  1. waaaaaaaaa i know those feeling....very frustrating...

  2. good morning Eugene.. i guess morning will not be as good as usual, huh.. no sleep means agitated and fatigue... your body will feel one kind, heavy and mind also not alert.. hey, hope u can catch some sleep now... forget about work.. the mind and body do need rest otherwise, u might end up snapping at your staff or clients.. :)
    so.. do u agree with me if i say that "Man cannot live without a lady?" esp. those who have been married before...
    Cleffairy, agree?

  3. good morning brother... hope tonight you can have better rest since tomorrow got no school!

    It's Friday, your favourite day.. enjoy..

  4. Today cannot enjoy lah, tired and somemore tomorrow have to go and send my boy to extra co-curriculam classes, somemore my lovely wife is not here,,,,,cham cham cham,,,,

  5. Amboi, amboi, Claire... so cepat say my name, huh? You see, Claire... not many men can live without a woman, but women, can definitely live without men if they want to. You are a good example. While most men will opt to remarry when their spouse dies... woman can go on without one. Agree?

    I definitely agree with you, Claire. That a man needs a woman wif her, but women does not need really need a man with her. :-P

  6. that's how much u love ur wife....

  7. haha, now u realized how important is a wife to a man..

  8. owh yea, i do recognize those feelings, those sleepless nights, they happen especially before the big day like exam or an important competition. they just kill...hehe...

  9. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.. :D go have some sleep eugene. You wont want to drive in a drowsy state of conciousness...

  10. eugene, why torture yourself? get a proper alarm clock & then you can sleep in peace - well, sort of!

  11. You got anxiety attack ah?

    I hate the feeling too. Want to sleep but cant fall asleep and the next day on "zombie mode". Rest well

  12. Maybe now that the kids are in school, you'll be able to catch a few hours of sleep. You sound just like me when the babies are only a few weeks old. The difference is, mine was not voluntary, lol!
    Well, since tomorrow is Saturday, hopefully things won't be too bad tonight. Let's also hope you'll get a good rest, ok. X

  13. Hi Eugene,
    Singing the blues again are we? Poor you!
    Wah you comment back! Are you going to start commenting back all the comments? Honestly, I would truly appreciate if you do. So that I know you HEAR what I said
    " That a man needs a woman wif her, but women does not need really need a man with her. :-P"

    Wah your wife goes back quite often right? That is really sweet of you. At least she can have a break from you and kids...sometimes, we, mothers do need that.Good to have an understanding hubby like you! KUDOS!
    ps Please comment back. You will make me VERY HAPPY!!!!! lol

  14. Are you in your dreamland now, bro? Hope you really can get a good sleep! I did woke up in the middle of the night last night as well as suddenly feel like stomachache but nothing come out when I rushed to the toilet. sigh...Take care!

  15. well, don't worry too much. Just do it. Soon yr wife would be back.

  16. It happened to me too when my wife is not around. :( I just couldn't sleep if she is not by my side. :p

  17. Finally...I can't comment! Everytime I get malware warning, so I quickly cabut!!! So scared! Have a fun weekend with the boys! Pamper them, spoil them a bit! Mummy's not around to do that! LOL!!!

  18. ya.. very frustrating..
    then you can hear the clock tick tock tick tock, water dropping and other annoying noice like that..

  19. Eugene, can see that u are one fantastic and loving hubby, ur wife is very lucky to have u and of cos vice versa! :)