Thursday, January 28, 2010

RM 900

" Hey Eugene, good morning, can you do me a favor?"
" Ok, what is it, my friend?" i asked

" Can you loan me RM900 ? " My friend said
" I cannot " i said

" Why ?" he inquired
" I dont have that much to lend you." i responded

" Please lah, bro, i need to pay my installments to Bank Negara, the AKPK thing, i missed payment for two months already" he sounded urgent.

" but i really dont have RM 900 to lend you, the max i can is RM300" i insisted
" RM300, cannot lah Eugene" again he pleaded

" I lend you RM300, the rest you handle la, i am sure you can find a way" i sounded a bit angry at him at this juncture.
" I will pay you the RM 900 before the 3rd of February," he assured me

" I dont have RM 900, you understand me or not ?" i was boiling
" Friend also cannot help" he complained.

My anger got the hold of me and i hanged up on him. Right untill now, he did not call me back, i wonder did i just lose a friend because of that RM900 ?

Q)Was I rude to him,when i chose to hang up on him?
Q)Have you ever lost a friend because of MONEY?

P/S : Could You Be There For Me When i Needed You?


  1. i kno u hvae been playing someone's ass.

  2. it depends on who, how and what.. who means who he/she is, how urgent that money is and for what purpose... guess it is difficult to borrow from me huh?
    there is one incident, an ex- colleague asked me to give her a chq, amount rm100 but told me not to write the name to whom she wanted to give.. I refused there and then.. I told her i rather give her the cash and gone with it..but she insisted on the nameless cheque.. but i refused to give in... and since that incident, she kept it at heart.
    She said i dont trust her, i said i have my principles cos i wanna know who i m writing to even though the amount is not big. "U want a cheque, give me the particulars." But i do rather give cash than cheque... what do u think?

  3. u like to sux dick den u pay for it...ppl ask u pay u dowan

  4. Girl from DownunderJanuary 28, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    Dear Anonymous,

    If you have the balls, reveal who you are and say your two cents worth. What you just did is cowardliness at the highest degree!

  5. I've always maintened that i accept anyone coming to my blog to share and read, and for that i impartially let anyone to leave comments,(no pick and choose one)

    i accept comments good or bad,slender or support, does not matter, at least everyone has the chance to vend one's frustration here.

    Dont worry, i wont shut no one out, may be except me hahahahah.

    thanks again a million

  6. I dun mix business and pleasure. Means I dun mix friends and money. Because most of the time, because of money, we may lose a dear friend and it is definitely not worth it. I'd do the same if I were you Eugene. If I can't come out with RM900, I'd offer a smaller amount. If that friend is really appreciative, he'd take that and find the balance else where.. have a nice day dude :)

  7. if emergency, should borrow loh..
    if really dont have, how to borrow la?
    depends who, why, what, when also.
    who --> very close, someone u can trust
    why --> why need borrow?
    what --> what happen?
    when --> near month end, no money la... =.="

  8. even 300 also i can't fork out at the moment. it's month end, very broke now, lol.

  9. where is that engrand expert cleff with hairy balls when we need her? lol

  10. hrm....depends on situation bro...

  11. give! definitely give! not only 900 bucks, 9000 bucks also give! isn't giving is love? no matter how close or far the friend to you, one shouldn't turn away his request when he asks for it. and he'll forever be grateful when a friend in need is a friend indeed. but you don't have 900, you say? then borrow from other friends for him la, hoi! what are friends for!

  12. "Could You Be There For Me When i Needed You?"

    Strange that you got the cheek to ask this when u are one tackless man who thinks your rm300 is as big as a donut. What? When u r giving, u r the king? You can be rude and hang up on ppl's call? You can throw the money at his face? This is not a sincere act at all. IF you dont want to borrow, just decline politely.

  13. lending money is always difficult especially to friends and family. Find it funny, he goes through AKPK which teach us to manage our finances well.

  14. anonymous: Just to clariy.
    Quote from u *This is not a sincere act at all. IF you dont want to borrow, just decline politely.*

    Get your english right. Eugene was not the borrower. Don't misinterpret him, please!

  15. Directed at Anonymous:

    Borrow - To take...
    Lend - To give.....

    Example 1: You need to BORROW money from someone and register yourself for English tuition so that you don't make a fool of yourself like you just did.

    Example 2: If someone says he doesn't have the money to LEND you, he probably thinks you're an idiot and is not interested in your problems.

  16. Some friend when in desperate cases will be rude sometimes. I've been in situation too..asking me to lend a few bucks which I dont have enough too. He asked me to borrow from other friends and need the money by TODAY. What a rude!

    Politely I suggests to him to ask from other friends. He answered with high tone voice 'what for I want to struggle to get from others? If I want to borrow money from you, I dont bother to ask from others. You should take this responsibilities since you willing to help me' Stupid bastard!! Instead of say thank you, he make me angry..

  17. i thinking cleffairy is engrish teacher because i realised she always wanteds to sell somethings here, maybe her engrish classes. always commenting on the poorer engrish of peeples here. engrish grammar very importing here ga? and she always emphasais she got balls.. is she a tranny.. who teaches engrish?

  18. Sounds like a real desperate friend to be so persistent till he doesn't even register your words in his mind. But pity you lor, coz how to lend when you dun have enough yourself.

    Lifes situations are tough indeed sometimes.

  19. Eugene why do your friends always ask you for money wan, hehe. You're too kind la to even offer RM300. I wouldn't lend that big of an amount to a friend. If they get into debts, clearly they should learn how to get out of it themselves.

  20. Like Merryn,I do not like to loan money either but if needed and I have, I will give whatever I have.

    Do not like to think about money much.


  21. it all depends. if i'm willing, i will loan the person.

  22. Been therelah many times. Lend a couple of times to a friend long time ago. Heard that he was in debt because of football betting. Was so hard to ask him back my money. Learnt my lesson, never will I lend again.

    BTW, who's this Anonymous? I think he's rude. If you have balls, pls reveal yourself, you cowardless creature.

  23. I have learnt my lesson. When lending $$ to friend, do not expect to get the money back. be prepared to write it off as bad debts/gifts. Thus is the friend really return the money to you, kira as a bonus loh.

    Have loan $$ to one fiend and when I ask for it back, the friend start to avoid me. After some time I just let it go and we become friends mention of the amount written off.

  24. I lose friends over money before.

    Even now some of my so called friends still owe me money and kind of disappear already.

  25. I have already lost quite a fair bit because I choose to lent to `friends' who were in need. Now, I am more careful and also with the current family's commitment, my family will always come first.

  26. MMM...

    Depend on your ability.

    If dont have mean dont have...

  27. Lending $$$ is one of the toughest thing to do... u lend already and that fella takes dunno how long to pay u back and some dun bother to pay... And while you yourself just manage to get by.

  28. That friend of urs sounds really desperate... but for him to call u up and 'expect' RM900 from u is not reasonable at all! He couldn't accept refusal? apa lah?

    It's better not to be soft hearted, everyone is trying to survive too... dont have means dont have!

  29. Lend him if it is a real emergency like to save his mom's life by paying for his mom's operation. DO NOT lend because he miss manage his money on daily craps.

  30. Mate, seriously, you did nothing wrong. I am sure if you could, you would have lent the money. But at the same time, for him to keep banging you for it is a totally different story. No true friend would do such a thing. Period.

    If you have lost this friend over the incident, then so be it. Better off not having such a friend.

  31. if you cant, you cant, and i think he shud understand it...not everyone has extra cash to spare

    ps: i think it is ur turn to be jinxed by anonymous....hahahaa

  32. The reason i was so mad at this friend of mine, simply because i had once helped him with some amount, promised to pay back, never did.

    Now that he came back again, thought it was ok to help him with RM300, (cos i got a windfall of that amount) but mmmmmmmmmmmm,ha forget about it lah.

  33. nvm la.. this kind of friend don't worth it... :D have a good weekend bro...