Friday, January 29, 2010

My Friday started on a Right note

I went out for a few drinks with my lovely wife last night, as i cannot go out with her this evening for she has a dinner to attend. Came back from the binging, settled my two wonderful boys and i retired from the evening.

Why i said my friday started on a right note? So the story goes...................

You see i dont like to sleep in the air conditioned room but my family love to, so it has been my habit of sleeping in the living hall all by myself with all the window and the sliding door opened wide ajar, i just love the cool breeze gently combing my body and letting it putting me to slumber.

Last night i knew it would be tiring for me to send my two wonderful boys to school so i arranged with my good neigbour friend (Richard) to send my wonderful sons to school the night before, so i woke up 5.45 to prepare the boys and not wanting to wake up my wife as i wanted her to continue her sleep.

Done with the boys, came back and i stole some time to go back to sleep on my same mattress and on the same venue, then i saw my wife coming to me cuddling me up in my sleep, giving me the hugs and i felt nice.

I am thankful to my lovely wife for such a thought and she had set me off on a right note for my favourite Friday. Up untill now i am still immersed with that nice nice feeling that my wife showered upon me.

You guys have a wonderful weekend, NO MATTER WHAT, FAMILY FIRST.

P/S : A surprise or two is not that hard after all


  1. the ventilation in your house is as good as those who dwell in it, i am very sure hhahahahaha

  2. my family is faaarrrrrrrrrr away.. T.T
    i am alone here.. you and your wife very sweet la

  3. That is so nice of her... :) Have a nice weekend Eugene :)

  4. as for me, tonight got to attend a forum...*hope i wont fall asleep*
    hope u have a great weekend!!

  5. nonid to tell ppl wud u and ur wife do wan la.if real, tell ppl for wud?who dunno u wan cover up ur gay?u tink ppl stupid?