Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm only human......

Even your comments mignt not be so nice,
And your words are not that kind,
I respect that cos we are human of different kinds.
I wont shut out on you, you can drop by here at anytime.

You might despise me,hate me,loathe me,
It is ok with me,and i hope it is alright with you too,
My blogging's intention started out clear and good,
So Lord,please dont let me be misunderstood.

Sorry if i make you feel like talking to the wall,
The truth is, trust me it is not like that at all,
Sincerely i do go over to you and knock on your door,
May be you didn't see me, or you just got me ignored.

I am a strong believer that everyone is entitled to one's opinion, and one's style of doing thing, i respect that, and i feel terribly sad if whatever that i do here in blogging arena that has caused someone out there any malaise, or if i have disgusted anyone,please accept my sincere apology to whoever you may be.(that's why i dont moderate my comments)

When i first started blogging, it was purely a way for me to pen down my thoughts or sometimes to vend my frustration, and i always thought it was supposed to be a kind of "hang loose" feeling in doing it.

I never like if there were somekind of set "modus operandi" in this thing call "blogging" then i think i would be retarded in expressing here in bloggersphere.

Once again, if there is any kind of not nice feeling, rancor or malaise that you experience from reading my blog or you just hate the sight of it, i really hope it is all right with you, simply because it is only me.


By the way my wife does read my blog.

P/S : I cant be you, and you cant be me either,that what makes the world go round


  1. Oh, hey don't say that to me huh.. I never consider your blog as one of the criticism for me to be mad at all, this is one thing that i learned from you, that i should express my feeling and share the experience that i have learned in this way of life. though sometimes there are people who never understand it, but as usual, we cannot blame other people for that. We have different attitude and we can never please them. So either they will love or hate your blog it is their choice, you don't have any intention of making their life messy. I would love to say that, your Blog is one of the best blog that i have been following. thank you for writing with a heart. Not just you wanna go with what is in, but you are doing the essence of it. I salute you on that! Merry Christmas!!

  2. bro...we just can't please anybody. What matters keep on writing, others doesn't matter one lah~~~~~ it's UR BLOG, UR THOUGHTS, UR WORDS, UR LIFE...


  3. you can say what you want in your blog... at least you the guts to voice it all out in here.

    we are open with our comments too.. we tell you what is wrong and what right in our opinion. Besides, we are not born into this world to make anyone happy... let them say what they want to say... they just word it out nicely and are afraid to reveal themselves.

  4. eugene, i admire you for being so open-minded. there were times i wanted to shut my blog because of those morons who left me nasty comments. agree with angel bear, we cannot please anyone and we don't have to do that. i like the way you share you thoughts and happenings around you :)

  5. Do cheer up ya, many of us have been targets and you are no exception. I contemplate on their comments and accept my faults but i oso discard the nasty uncalled for remarks.

    Keep on blogging with gusto ya. Stay well. ^_^

  6. bro...your blog is one of my fav and I always come over to see what u wrote almost daily. take it easy bro!

  7. Eugene, I'm glad you've decided to carry on writing and not just stop because of what just happened. You do what you think is best and we are all here to support you dude.. :)

  8. aiya.. just ignore them loh.. some ppl will just hate u for no reason one, can be they are so jealous at you.. plus you can hurt ppl when you are far..
    those haters might coming from African, who knows?
    i am having some inner conflict now too.. it's about sharing personal things out, or should i just blog about flower, fish, cloud and call it a blog post.
    you just cannot please everyone out there..

    P/S: I really dont know how they can hate someone who doesn't even close to them or they dont even know?

  9. * plus you cant hurt ppl when you are far..

    Keep up the good work.
    Remember this is YOUR BLOG,

    I will always support you
    but I will also tell you gently
    when I disagree.

  11. Cheer up Eugene. Enjoy your long weekend with your family. :)

  12. Your the man! You'll always have me on your back... Well unless if you committed a felony, haha. Hey man, chill. Once you have decided to open up your life and your thoughts to the world, mix reviews is whats been expected. There's always the good and bad, and its up to us to decide how to carry on for there. You'll get through it very soon :D

    Dont give up, love you man. Jia You!

  13. eugene..i just came back..and at this moment, i m still in KL but i couldnt resist not reading your earlier posts before I call it a night.. (read merryn's one too)...
    If u could remember, i have experienced what u r undergoing now too... u have given me encouragement too... so... here I am to say, i Never miss reading your posts.. do what u enjoy doing, u r unique in your own way!
    Carry on Blogging! Don't let anyone wear u down...
    It is Christmas.. lets start to forgive and to be forgiven though we might not forget...
    Merry Christmas!

  14. carry on blogging pal, we need your daily dose ok ?

  15. @Merryn... he's not the Eugene we know if he stopped because of this small matter. LOL...

  16. I don't understand.. how come ppl hate your blog but can't stop putting comments on your blog ah? For me, if I hate it, I just couldn't be bother to even visit it, more to leave comments to waste more time. So, for you... We love your blog, and love to leave comments too! Cheers, and It's Friday, your fav day!

  17. huh? i dont see anonymous posting some nasty remarks in your blog hahahaha....bloggers rock, anyway hahahaah have a good long weekend now :)

  18. they jeles of you lo, u such a good blogger :) ignore le, biar je

  19. you're a gentleman, Eugene. Some bloggers are just not tact enough in their comments. You can be angry yet be polite about it. There's no need for profanity.

    Keep blogging, :)

  20. Hi Eugene, do not despair. We blog because we have something to say, be it something to share or something you just want to get off your chest - even if no one reads it, it's okay.

    You're doing great. Besides, this is your blog, your space to pen YOUR thoughts. No doubt, some comments might hurt. It's part of blogging, the sweet with the not-so-sweet. Blogging goes on.. Cheerio and take care! Merry Xmas!