Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday's here and i am happy

I simply love friday, as l've always said this is the day that i will hold my lovely wife's hand and just the two of us,(if no invitation from friends) sitting down in the evening having some beers and start talking nonsense, and today is no exception despite some havoc happened to my blog yesterday.......................

I thank my lovely wife for her understanding in her man and all the craziness her man has, and my two wonderful children who know that their papa is one funny guy, and most of all i thank you guys for all your nice comments, and lovely emails i received.

Let us chill and stay happy over the weekend no matter what,ok guys?

Have a great weekend and please give your loved ones a big hug.

P/S : If i were to choose a day to fall in love again, Friday shall be it, dont ask me why,it's magic.


  1. Happy Weekend!
    Hugs to you and your family,

  2. see, I told you!! you be all alright when come on Friday!! Happy Weekend... and come to my blog to post comments on my latest post also ya.. :D

  3. i wish i can give my love one a big hug....too bad will have to keep it until next jan.. =<

    u hve a nice weekend!

  4. TGIF and it's magical for Eugene.. You have a great weekend there dude! :D

  5. TGIF...yes!!! i need that.. so much to do now..unpacking.. repacking... upload.. reload.. posting..blogging. aahhhhaaa...
    really need today to do all that... but now i go snooze first :p

    Happy Weekend Eugene & family!

  6. Happy Friday, Eugene. It's a long weekend, and my dady is coming to KL... ahahahaha... I am so happy to meet him and my mum again. *grinz*

  7. Wow, its great to know 1 very family, family man...And this Fri is the best...its a holiday!!!

  8. So far, we have had two public hols falling on Fridays and another one coming up next week. It's great to work only four days in a week...but only for this month!