Monday, December 21, 2009

Suddenly i thought of a very old friend..........

Last week, i suddenly thought of a very old friend, a old friend that i grew up with, burning the midnight oils with, courting the same neigbour girl and many more things we did together, but this friend is no longer in sight, a very old friend that i used to use his home as a sacntuary when me and my girl friend were in trouble, but this very old friend is somehow unreachable.

He had run away with his family(wife and two daughters) to dont know where after he had owed some money from loan sharks, in a way i missed him for he had always been my friend. So last week, i decided to go to his old house and paid a visit to his mother instead.

His mother is 74 years old, 3 sons she's got(my friend the oldest 45, a down syndrome son in 40 and the youngest 38) husband died 14 years ago. When i was there talking to her, asking about her health and current situation and all, tears began to stream down her cheeks, she is now living alone with her down sydrome son, my friend has not called her for few months now.

Talking face to face with here,made me realized what really makes old people sad, money is already a secondary wanting to them, or rather it is all about their children. She told me that my friend just left her with a just a telephone call asking her to take care then he was gone.

She told me if my friend were to have talked to her, she would have done all that she could to help her eldest son(my friend) including selling her house and taking out her "coffin money" just to make sure that her son didn't have to go so far to avoid the "loan sharks"

I have one consolation after having a tears jerking moment with her, suddenly she told me she was feeling so much all right because she said she had become a Christian from her neighourhood christian outreach centre, she told me now she was learning to cast her cares upon the Lord.

So many times we hope we could do things differently or start over again, but then again.........


P/S : I am a father,but i want to learn to be a mother.....................


  1. You won't want to be a other once you know how hard it is to even be a woman, Eugene. Be careful of what you wish for. No kidding...

  2. As a mother, we would want to give all to our kids..
    sad to hear that your fren left but good news is that he is still alive and hope he comes back one day to see his mum..
    another consolation is she has someone to take care of her if not financially, morally.. she is right, she can cast her cares upon Him.. in this type of situation, her simply faith will see her through life..

  3. it is so sad that your fren is involved with loan shark, but fortunately his old mother is spared.

  4. so sad to hear from this.. actually if you dealt nicely with the loan sharks, they won't disturb the debtor.. but somehow, ppl choose to runaway!

  5. Hopefully, your friend is able to eventually reach some kind of settlement with his debts and return home. Nothing is worse than the anguish of a mother for her child.

  6. Everybody need somebody in their side..she would do eveything for her son.. hope her son comeback soon.. especially this coming Xmas..

  7. I just remember you last post before, it is about your friend, facing problem with his business, that it is slowly going down. You know i can imagine that sometimes it is too hard to live in this world.
    we need to regard everything to God, and let him decide for us, which is the most wonderful thing he always save and helped us. It is sad, that somehow, we can only realized his help at this twilight years. as a result, it sucks, when our love ones left us and being alone is the most worst thing that will happen to people. to each of us. And so the money is the secondary thing here. We think that having millions is always wonderful, but knowing what we really need is God after all. a lesson to be learned. thank you for this post.

  8. i want to feel how is it like to be a man also.. haha... for ONE day..