Thursday, December 17, 2009

I almost blew my top but i didn't have the heart.........

Remember the famous cliche,"hungry man is the angry man," that was exactly what happened to me last night, so story goes............................

My lovely wife had a dinner last night with her colleague from Singapore, plan was fixed that i would cook for my two wonderful sons, so in the evening i called her to confirm what had been fixed, on top of that she told me she would be back before 9 evening, so i told her to buy back food for me.

All done with the children,sat down, watched the news and suddenly my tummy was grumbling away, it was already 8.54 pm, still no sight of my lovely wife with my food. I decided to call her, twice i did, no respond, she only answered on my fourth call, i asked where she was, she said on the way (" on the way" is the word that i loathe so much" angrily asked her again where she was, she told me she was still in town, i told her i'd get my own food,rudely i hung up on her.

When i came back from food, she was already at home, and i was still furiously mad at her, and i wanted an apology but she was so oblivious to it, so i guess i had to do what i had to do, i told her to say "sorry" and i told her how i felt at that particular moment (when my tummy was grumbling) i felt like being ignored by her.

I never like to retire from the evening with anger in my heart, and as husband and wife, we sometimes thought that our spouse ought to know how we felt, sadly most of times it was not the case.

l chose to tell her how i felt instead of feeling mad at her, because i love her therefore i dont have the heart to be mad at her.

Q)What do you when you are mad at your spouse, do you sweep it under the carpet?

P/S : If you want to be heard, please open that damn mouth, and if you want to be understood, open that damn mouth even bigger.........


  1. I'll keep it under sweeps unless i cannot tahan any longer. What may seem big and obvious to me, is always trivial to my other half. So, If I can swallow and let the matter rest, I would, if not, I'll let it all out and say what I have to say before the anger snowballs.

  2. I usually make myself be heard, but not in everything.There's always something that you cannot really talk to your spouse.

    Anyway... what you experienced, always happen to me. LOL... ask him tapao, owez forget. Makes me so geram!

  3. i will usually keep then wrapped too until one day when everything just bursts out...which is why they said when someone who never loses temper can explode suddenly hahaha i guess i am that kind....ohh yes, dont fight with me when i am hungry too :)

  4. cool down cool down.. and I agree with you on the 'open your mouth' part!

  5. I have a very loud voice and i think aloud most times, so yes, i am always heard! lol! x

  6. you not handicap. can't you just get your own food and let your wife have her own personal time and not rushing? and still got the balls to ask for an apology? what a pig.

  7. i agree with Joe! It's just a small matter after all, can't you fix your own dinner when she's already running around madly?

  8. Have some respect for your wife! After you scolded her, you are telling everyone? feel heroic that you are bold to scold and to tell? Shame on you! I pity your wife. That's how ppl will feel about your wife, whether its true or not that she is happy in your marriage.

    Are you gonna say its her fault becos she didnt OPEN HER DAMN MOUTH to tell you to shut up? And not tell everyone about how you treated her?

  9. To me, it depends on what it is about. As for me, usually I will make a call before I go home and ask what shd I buy.

  10. Usually I cannot tahan and will blurt my anger out but that usually does more harm than good. :P

  11. usually i don't like to voice out..just feel mad and forget about it the next day..

  12. aiya.... smmall matter wat, bro! Just ask her to go out and enjoy herself while you eat out with the kids and have a good time yourselves.

  13. well,its about food for the matter i think its best not to pressure oneself.

  14. Silly silly man. Heard of being angry takes a lot more effort than being happy? In this case, I think being angry takes a lot more effort than;
    1. Go out and buy the food for yourself and your kids.

    I am surprised that the whole time, you just kept grumbling about the fact that you are hungry.

    Your kids were hungry too. Erm, so, they have a right to be mad at their mom too?

    1. Do you have a car? If no;
    2. There is a thing called public transport. If cannot
    be bothered, then;
    3. Cook lah maggi mee. Alahai.

    Be a man Mr BOLD TALK.

  15. Does it matter to you that someone who knows your lovely wife read this "bold-washing-dirty-panties-in-public" and ridicules her that she herself was having fun while leaving her hubby having to fend for his hunger himself at home waiting for her to tapao food please la, save her face la wei.

    although it's your blog and you can declare fully boldly you can talk what you want, BUT this is the world wide web, it's just the same as talking loudly in a park or public where anyone and everyone can hear you. by your age, this basic common sense you should already be well aware of, you have no idea at all? gosh!

  16. chill eugene, it's just a small matter & glad you apologized to your wife :)

  17. hungry bear best to be left alone..that's what i can tell about myself..hehehehe...

    anyway, it's normal one one's perfect, right? Especially when the tummy is grumbling, and you are waiting for the food that you wanted to eat....and it hasn't gets pretty annoyed easily...

    and yeah, when I got upset, I usually keep it inside (depends on how serious the matter though). If small matter no problem lah..just brush it off...^^

  18. Joe : Eugene is a pig??? How you know ah??? When you come to people's blog, got nothing nice to say...DO NOT COMMENT.

    Anonymous : If you want to DEFAME someone, it is only polite to tell them who you are,right?

    Pity your wife : Do you personally know Eugene? If not, then ,don't judge him. HONESTLY, CAN YOU BLAME THE GUY WHO HAS THE GUTS TO TELL IT AS IT IS?
    BDW, Eugene LOVES his wife LOTS!

    tainamyan : If you know Eugene BETTER, you will realize that he is a very loving husband and father. DO NOT BLAME THE MAN FOR BEING HONEST AND SHARING.

    Hey, bro, sorry I have to OPEN MY DAMN MOUTH!lol.

    I can understand what you gone through. We are both pretty manja with our spouses! lol. I get that way with my daughters too especially if they are to ta pau food for me.

    What makes me crazy is...i will get so hungry than I cook, and then they come back with the food and WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO EAT NOW? lol.

    I do not have confrontation with hubby , if I want to say something and it is serious enough, I will write him a note or letter. When we are angry, we tend to say too much too furious. So , I like to write so that he can understand.

    Anyways, Hubby tends to blow his top , I am more tolerate lor!

    So....have you guys make up yet????

  19. Ya man!!!
    That's HOW it should be!

  20. Sorry I didnt read the previous comments that was left by other but I can see some 'war' is going on, haha. I like you Eugene, being so honest about whats happening in your life, though some might misjudge you but you still do it anyway.

    In your situation, there's just no right and wrong (for me). Its just because of the situation and the state of understanding which causes such thing to occur. At the end of the day its how we settle it.

    If you think there is a problem then never left it unsolved. At the point of settling it, always remember whats the main problem and try to settle it without forcing anything downs one another throat. Talking louder will not help if one does not get what is being told.

    Buy her flowers Eugene, you might think she's done something wrong but it not worth for a cold war to be going on :D

    All the best!

  21. wah... uncle.. you so garang one..
    haiyo.. dont eat so much supper la, not good for health one ok!

  22. lolol.. you so fehmes now.. got bashing comments and supportive comment like kennysia already.. haha.. XD

  23. @Daniel Chiam... yeah, it's a war out there. The only thing is, I can see is, the comments are actually from the same person. Same style. LMAO... funny, rite? Schizoid lerr...

  24. to all the 'defenders', if this blog only welcomes 'feel good' comments, i would like to suggest mr bold talk to screen through all the comments before publishing it.

    this is a blog. readers cant express their opinion? can only comment like 'wah so handsome', 'wah so famous' those kind of stuff??

    come on, grow up and start to learn to take criticism already. i am only giving my 2 cents after reading this post. nothing personal.

  25. To.

    I apprecitate all of your comments, really, be it good or bad, nasty or nice.

    By the way,i dont have defenders of "Mr Bold-Talk",it is just who they are expressing how they feel about me and my blog. and i too regard those not so nice comments as solely your opinions, and i respet that,

    no i dont intend to secreen through the comments,but at least let me know who you are,thank you

  26. hmm..shakira. I don't want to know him. This post alone has left a bad aftertaste. So yes, he may love his wife very much. But just one post like this is already damaging to his wife. HAVING THE GUTS TO TELL IT AS IT IS's all very noble IF ONLY it is not at the expense of other people, esp. your loved ones. At least have the decency to let his family/wife remain anonymous.

    Sure, go gloat you are 'famous' because you wrote that you scolded your wife. Good feeling eh?

    Is it that difficult to accept that there is more than one person who finds him bold-talking the wrong way? Hmm...

  27. Eugene, it's good to keep our cool as often as we can. After all, the key to successful marriage is patience, understanding and tolerance (PUT). if you can PUT up with that, things will be good.

    Yeah, on certain occasions, we'll blow our top - we're humans and we have anger but we are also able to manage it.

    Cool down, dude :)
    Nowadays, the phrases "a hungry man is an angry man", and "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" may not be applicable anymore. Men have to be independent of their wives, and vice versa - they need their personal space too.

  28. hmm.. i really and honestly agree that you are right to be open about your feeling with your wife. And when I am hungry, and ppl ignore me, I get mad as well. I guess it's pretty normal. After all, we are human and human are imperfect.. we have our flaws but sometimes it is these flaws which personalise us.. as an individual..LOL

    however, as a respect to your wife, maybe something should be keep private.. afterall, it is still between both of you..

    unless of course, she doesn't mind you talking about it to other ppl.. then it will be super alright..


  29. @Joe... actually... I did what you all did before, so I know all your tactics. Besides...can see your IP in the stats. I'm a pro in this game. A veteran at this. Wanna go disturb other blog? Or even social networks for a change? That's more challenging. But... u got to improvise on your language usage. That is definitely not the worst you can lash out at Eugene. LMAO...can really see you're the same person, dude! Come on...if you're a man, you'd do it the Shadowfox way. Dunno who he is? He's legendary for attacking bimbos and shooting their blog down. Google it.

    Neway, my offer is this: Attack female camwhores who sleeps around and have sugar daddies to sponsor them for their travels and such. (their nuffnang earnings are higher than this one) You'll get to see wud a wussy men can be sometimes when they 'adore' some loose pussy bloggers.

    Actually, to tell you the truth, there's no fun disturbing male blogs... unless that feller is kennysia. You get to see many bitches defending him...and he dun even dare to come out to defend his sorry arse... now, that is chicken.

    Men like Eugene doesn't need people to defend him. He can take care of himself, I dun give a damn. As far as I'm concern, I don't always agree with him too, and he doesn't see eye to eye with me all the time too though I've regard him as my elder bro.

    He knows the solution to this, he can moderate. *shrugs* as simple as that, and still have visitors, cuz I know most of his readers are his friends from real life.

    People like you and me have a common ground, actually. the only diff is, I am guessing here... you are a male and I am a female. That's why you target male instead of female. And another thing... I think I got more balls than you. When I go around lashing people, I use my Open case they are pissed with me, they can come have war with me too.

    p.s: It's just too bad Eugene puts up word verification...that makes it harder for you to spam. Slower... I've seen more idiots who dun moderate or dun even put up verification whatsoever... wud a noob!

    Hey... in case you're not pleased with me too, come and challenge me. *yawn* It's been some time since I had some word sprint.

  30. my husband and i usually voiced it out after we both calm down.. we will explain why we were mad at each other. then listen carefully again what happened and see the problem.

    But to be honest, if I was in your shoes at that siatuation... I would usually just tell my spouse "you go ahead and have fun and don't worry ok? i will fix dinner my own" That way no stress on both person.

  31. Readig your post and comment by the bloggers made me realize something...and I know Eugene knows best. By the way, I also dont like people hung up the phone when I still from my dear..hehhehe.. but LOVE and FORGIVENESS is important..good luck!

  32. @cleffairy : Some people just don't have the guts!

  33. i will get mad but not because of food. I will cook some dish for myself.

    what make me mad is

    if i advice that this cannot do else some bad will happen, but she would notlisten and do it. At the end, the bad things happens, i sure will scold her. Anyhow, i will try to control my temper... never ever hit people is my concept.

  34. Eugene,

    Honesty is the best policy, you are right. But what the other commentor said is true "not at the expense of others".

    Think about this.

    You are telling all these private matters to the www and your loved ones are subjected to being condemnation and ridicule in real life. Even if your wife does not mind, how about your kids? Won't it might happen that one day his friends or teachers or whoever they know would come across your blog and read all these private stuffs?

    We all know that when spouses discuss heatedly, it's best to do it behind close doors, away from the kids. But you are even doing this beyond that. Is this good for your kids? Would they love to read all these when they are much older and matured? Because it's honest?

    Think about this, the people who come and comment gain nothing, but YOU are the one who has everything at stake. Your relationship, your family, even your friends. In fact, stories of your friends shouldn't even be told here. WWW is not a kopitiam where you just ramble among your friends. And you can't just undo it by just a click of a button.

    And I'm not interested in any wars. You or the rest of your friends who are behind you might feel this is criticism, but really, it's NOT. It's a thought for you to ponder. It's a constructive opinion for you and your friends to think about.

    Think about it.

  35. Uncle (already pandai pandai sendiri call u uncle now.. haha), dont bother to ask haters to show themselves la..
    They got no ball one.. XD

  36. @ladyviral... lol...that's why I sed in my comment to that feller... no balls. I got more balls than him. Why? When I go around lashing to get my opinion across...I let them kno who I am. Wud a shame...

  37. Wahaha I just went through some of the comments, hate it or love it, this blog is gaining a lot from it.

    The reason why some of you are being so angry is because how Eugene is treating his wife. Its uncool, ungentleman, unreasonable and ugly. He should be a bigger man and not being angry about wife is not getting him supper, he should learn to cook his own meal and yada yada yada.

    Try taking this point of view people. This is Eugene's blog, a personal room for thoughts that's made public by him. Whatever is written is base on his point of view, experience and what he felt.

    In this post, he is telling you an exact story about whats going on in his life. His purpose is to share and hopefully some of us will get to learn something out of it.

    People, this is the real deal. You cant expect a picture perfect family in everyone of us. Our parents do fight over the small thing and yes we do feel that what they are fighting about is nonsense, but it still happened. Same goes in this case.

    I'm not trying to defend Eugene nor do I agree with what he had done. Yes, in our moral point of view he is dead wrong in every sense, but this guy is being honest in open up to everyone of us, giving us an insight to his own personal life with people that is connected closely to him.

    I'm not asking you to praise him for his 'bold talk' but simply I only wish that you would not misjudge a person who is being honest to the world, strangers like you and me, and to his own loving wife. He is only human who tend to make mistake like you and me, but he is also a loving father and a loving husband.

    So when you want to write another comment, let it be something that we all could learn from, a way of solution instead of condemning someone.

    Thank you for your time =)

    daniel chiam

  38. I can't beleive this, some ppl can get so upset and start lashing at you when it's just a small epi of a typical Eugene's day. Eugene, if I were you, I'll brush it off, laughing. Please lah.. this is just blogging, no need 2 waste yr emo over another bloggers writing or comment. Merry Christmas Eugene, tis the season of giving and sharing, loving and caring..

  39. I've been reading the "war" going on here and it's pretty amusing. One of the commentators said that the ip addresses can be traced in this blog. I don't think so unless Eugene has installed some stats count/sitemeter here. However, if it is a Wordpress Blog, then the ip addresses can be seen when comments are left.

    A silent reader

  40. Anon: Not sure if Eugene got it installed, but then, in wordpress blog, you definitely can trace the IP. The detailed comments report will even be sent to your email if you subscribed to it... and it doesn't matter if you're an anonymous and put fake email or blog url. A reason why I loved wp. Security&privacy. The only thing about wp... is that you can't affiliate with any ad company. Wp dun allow you to edit CSS unless you're a paid user.

  41. i used to keep everything cos i followed his style. One time our marriage nearly ended and then we both changed. So both need to be open and communication is very impt in a marriage.