Monday, December 28, 2009

The Past Three Days..........

Date line 24th December,Christmas eve............
Attended a Christmas do held in my youngest sister's house, two things happened that left me in a way sad. This year i brought my newly adopted god son(he is from a divorced family, father left when he was only 3,both my lovely wife and myself are fond of him,he is 15 years old).

When he was there, i could sense that he was feeling envious and lost at the same time, because my nephews and their friends(all from so called rich family) have all the luxuries things that he could only drool over....(story to be continued).In his eyes, i could feel that he felt unfairness but thank god, he is a child of god.

Another event that made me sad,when i could not see my eldest sister in the party,as my mom was not so fond of seeing her and her boyfriend there so she was not invited. This makes me wonder this question.

Would you sever your tie with your son or daughter just because she/he is dating or marrying someone who is not pleasing in your eyes?

Date line 25th December Christmas day.......
The happiest Christmas celebration i have ever had, simply because i attended a Christmas party cum a 25th year reunion dinner with my old school mates, read here for detail christmas celebration

Date line 26th December ...........Boxing day
I had a heated argument with my mother over breadfast when i told her that she should bury the hactchet against my eldest sister,despite the fact that she is not fond of her new boyfriend. I remembered asking my mother how would she feel if my eldest sister were to die on that Christmas day, would she still be hating her?

I told her that she should not practise double standard, when there is another family member whose character was less savory, (will divulge further) . As a matriach in the family, she should do to bring the family closer instead of ripping me apart. I am sad that this is happening, seriously.

Took my god son together with my family for a swim, and after which i took them to TGIFriday for dinner, and when i asked my newly adopted god son has he ever savoured steak before, he told me he had never, (will talk about my newly adopted godson in time to come)

My newly adopted godson has shown me the meaning of appreciation and how the act of appreciating someone can make the magi.

The past three days,i know i had hurt someone (my mother for an instance) but i just could not keep quiet if i felt that i needed to speak up,where no one else dares to.

P/S : Everyday i learn a little...............


  1. and you did the right thing :)

  2. wow, learning is a process so that goes..

  3. Hmm....I don't severe my ties...but I will not be happy either. :( come these few days it is very hard for me to comment...because your blog is detected to have malware.

  4. hhahahah you are facing the same thing as i am, my mum didnt like my brother's wife and had forbidden her to come back for CNY, how har?

  5. At least your god son have your guidance :)

  6. hope all will be well soon..someone got to be the mediator.. and u were the one who took it up... good!

  7. hope you & your family had a blessed christmas, bro!

  8. every parent would want their child to be happy??? no? yes?
    maybe old liao. kena jaga face *ego*???

  9. It was good to have at least made mom aware of the situation. Very nice of you to adopt the boy. I'm sure he feels more loved now. :)

  10. Congratulations on your godson.
    He is so lucky to have you and your family as his extended family.
    As for you talking to your mother,
    I am so glad you did that.
    You see, my mother has gang up the whole family against me and honestly,
    even now, I am still so hurt , after all that I have done for them and to be abandoned by my own family! Your sister may not say it but trust me , it hurts.
    I have forgiven my family but I cannot forget and I do not wish for them to hurt my kids and we all agree not to keep in touch. Sad right?
    Have a great New Year!

  11. not quiet a good christmas for me either. got several issues with my mom, so this year we celebrate christmas at the family house with her. hard to say la sometimes...


  12. if in the near future my sons brings back their gals which i found unsavoury,i'll see the extent or the level of my tolerances.if i can't stand it no more,may be i might move out and let them have a circus of time.when they got fed-up or if they ever will,i move back.

  13. your godson is lucky to have you as godfather. Is good that you love but don't spoilt him or pamper him with luxury goods.,instead is a good opportunity to install correct mindset and moral values in him telling him no need to have all the luxury goods and don't have to envy them because he has love which is priceless and tell him there are so many ppl out there who go hungry and unfortunate than him.

    I am also sandwiched between my bro,his wife and my parent and I acted as mediator and is really sadden when seeing how stubborn both sides are but at the same how sad my parent are and All started because of my sis in law. what to do, just because of my sis in law, the filial son become so stressed that he become a diff son. I have to say good words for all parties but got scolded, misunderstood by my bro and parent instead. I still have to do it because I can't bear to see them like that and it really sad to see my parent so sad. Is very tough to be mediator but pls don't give up. Your mother and sis definitely also feel sad and I believe your mother is also stubborn person who may just refuse to give in even if she may already want to in her heart, or maybe she still unable or don't know how to get over that.

  14. Don't despair Eugene. A friend told me a long time ago that blood is thicker than water and no matter how big or serious it is, if it involves family members, it will find a way to resolve itself. If she fails to bring the family together, than maybe you can do it instead. Like I said, i'm certain that eventually, it will all be alright.
    Have a good week my friend. XX

  15. dunno...but at the end of the day, try not sever ties with family members.

  16. Eugene... sometimes, we really do have to speak up. Sometimes, we got to make things right when the elders think they are doing things the right way, when they are actually doing damage to the family ties.

    You see, Eugene... sometimes, the elders tries to do the right thing the wrong way. And we have to speak up when that happens. It happens to me. I didn't speak up. And it's still eating me alive. So... what should I do? I don't have courage the way you do... I wish I had such courage to speak up...i really do!

    @Manglish... if you're seeing this... I am in the same position as your sister in law. Only... my MIL did not tell my husband not to come back yet. Tension is in the air, and I dreaded CNY. So.. how? I oso dono!