Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Come What May...........2010.

Like it or not, 2009 is surely coming to an end and like it or not just two days away we will be ushering another year 2010.

1)Any regrets from 2009?
Sure..... but then again regrets shall remain just that even comes 2010. How about yours?

2)Anything that you should have done "to your body" but failed to do it in 2009?
Sure.... my lovely wife has been bugging me to go for a body check,till now i still decline and i wanted a six pack torso, so far mananged to get out of shaped two.....How about you?

3)What is one purchase you made in 2009 that gave you the best feeling?
Sure, i bought a Birkenstock sandals that cost me RM240 per pair, i have been wanting to buy one since 2001. What about you?

4)Did you grow closer to your "God" or drifting away from Him in 2009?
I really dont know but my longing for HIM still lingers, 2010 will surely make a difference. How about you?

5)Have you been truthful to yourself and faithful to your spouse in 2009?
No i have not been truthful, i promised myself not to drink so much but i failed, no again i have not been faithful to my spouse, simply there was on time in 2009, i had this strong feeling thinking about my ex,and the good old things we did and i consider that "unfaithful" How about you?

6)Who is the one celebrity that has passed on in 2009 that you miss the most?
Who else but Micheal Jackson, he was the finest and the greatest. What about yours?

7)Did you manage to save the amount of money that you promised yourself to in 2009?Thank God,i have surpassed my target as far as saving is concerned. what about you?

8)Did you put in extra effort to make your relationship with your spouse hot and spicey in 2009?No i did not, i thought it was all good but then again i was all wrong, because it was hot but not so spicey, so extra currying should be carried out in 2010, treat her like a lady, and she will make a man out of you? How about you?

P/S : Nothing really matters.........No matter what Family first


  1. Happy 2010. Hope it is a good year for all of us. :D

  2. 1. uncle.. i dont have six pack.. i dont want six pack, i want flat only, but now hor is 六国凸凸统一 =.=

    2. most expensive purchase got loh.. New york skin solution RM 2.5k.. T.T

    3. i think I drifting away from Him.. =_______="

    4. still faithful.. lolol

    5. celebrity ar.. hmm.. MJ gua

    6. saving target.. O|~\_ (fall down).. i failed... 2008 success though.. =.="

  3. eugene dad, i think u know my answer to at least ONE of ur questions... I've turn over a new leaf and I'll be a good dotter next year :D

  4. Here's wishing you and family a great New Year! :)

  5. bro... here's my answers:
    1. I wanted 6 packs ..go to gym twice a week and played badminton twice a week but still got a 1 bigger pack :(
    2. hmm... perhaps my new digital still camera
    3. getting nearer to HIM of late.
    4. err...been thinking sbt other sweet young things...cham liao... guess guys did that after they married for a while..:P
    5. ya lor...MJ...RIP. Miss him
    6. that's my failure of the year...instead of savings, I korek my savings. Got to do better in 2010.
    A fair year for me but I welcome my baby daughter who's born in Jan 2009.

  6. Eugene- Pretty honest sharing here. Good for us all to think about some of these serious questions.

  7. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Too much happened for me this year....which is not a bad thing. Next year, i have to be more organized. LOL :D

  9. Happy New Year to you and your family!! Hope all of us have a good year ahead.

  10. happy new year.................HAAAHHAHHAHAHHA........hmmmmmm i dont know what i have done in 2009....

  11. I've got one lovely pack! Hahahahahaha ...... lets work together in 2010 to increase the packs hor! :)

    Blessed 2010 to your loved ones and you! ^_^

  12. I like the last part best...anything, everything FAMILY FIRST :)

  13. Bro, I am still fat and six pack is far far from me. Even two pack also not possible in the near term. At least you got two pack. Consider good already. Next year I will try to get myself a two pack for a start. Wish I can do it!
    Time really fly. All the best in the new year 2010!

  14. true, family comes first. happy new year!

  15. Wishing you an advanced 2010 and may it bring your luck, health, wealth and tranquility. Wish your family for me ya, cheers!

  16. 1. No regrets whatsoever! I never regret anything! : )

    2. I don't need a six pack, just as long as I'm not round in the middle, and I can climb mountains without feeling tired easily, that's good enough for me! Well, almost there, haha!

    3. My Panasonic Lumix LX3 camera!

    4. I am always close to God for I talk to God everyday : )

    5. I have been truthful to myself all the time, but not so truthful to others, hehe.

    You think about your ex? Naughty ah you! haha, no such problem for me cos I'm not married! : D

    6. Yup, had to be MJ!

    7. Oh yes, I did! And then I splurged during Xmas and now it's back to square one! Damn!

    8. Good luck to you in 2010! As for me, I think I will treat myself much better in 2010.

  17. I always say..there's always next year. What was not done this year can always be achieved next. It's not too bad. Despite all that, i'm sure you've had more ups than downs, reading all the blog posts you posted this year. I've learnt a lot from you and your experiences so consider that one good thing you've done this year, that is, you've managed to touch someone through your writings. well done nd keep it up my friend. XX