Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009's last post and my wish list for 2010.

Everybody, let us puff a sigh of relief for we have managed to run a race, however slow or otherwise but somehow we managed to complete it still in 2009.

I would like to "thank you " guys for choosing me to be your friend, and i hope and pray that you shall keep that choice throughout 2010. Once again "thank you" and love you guys sincerely.

Let me share my wish list with you guys for 2010.

Here are the wishes that i would like to make for year 2010.That...........

1)We shall have peace in our land,(another wishful thinking) and peace in ourselves(try it pls)
2))Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood,instead of study study and more study.

3)Every married couple should enjoy good,exciting and healthy sex life.(One sex partner policy)

4)That no one should cheat on their spouses, man and woman as well.

5) Those singles will be able to find their soulmates,and live happily ever after.

6)There will be no more missing children
7)No children shall be killed or brutally and sexually assaulted.
8)We shall not hear anymore news about another man jumping down from MACC building.
9)We shall not be bombarded with news about missing fighter engines that worth millions.
10)All the corrupts shall be booked and be sentenced in accordance with the laws of our land.

Q)Mind sharing your wish list with me?

Happy New Year guys and LOVE YOU

P/S : Let us make the DOWNs of 2009 be the UPs of 2010


  1. One sex partner policy?I don't think it's gonna work out..hehe

    Happy new year bro!

  2. Yeah! Come on 2010! :D We are waiting for you. happy New Year to you too bro. :)

  3. 11) More post from you

    Happy New Year 2010

  4. hey bro..i try to make one wish true for u before year end.. i let u know tomorrow... wait for my good news.. but if it didnt materialize, i give u a new year present 2010... hope it can come true..

  5. Hi Eugene, firstly hope it's not too late to wish you a Merry Christmas - whether you celebrate it or not :)

    Secondly, 2009 is coming to an end in a few hours. Let the past be a lesson for us to be better humans, family members, relatives and friends to all.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!

  6. Hey Eugene... Happy New Year!!

    And thanks for the advices and wishes. *hugs*

  7. May your wishes come true bro. Happy New year 2010!

  8. wishing you a very happy new year!!
    my wish list, simple. i want a husband *blush*

  9. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2010 ahead!

    Happy New year!!

  10. Happy New Year 2010 to you n your family!

    Wish list ar... haven't plan yet bo hahaha...

    As you know I just got my blog back.
    I dare not ask for more from God!
    I am rather easy to please.
    Have you and your family a great new year!
    Lovely knowing you.

  12. Happy 2010 to you too...Anyway, we won't be renting a car to get around Penang already. Will be depending on public transport and bus 11 to get around hehe

  13. Thanks for being "there" for me in 2009.

    Happy new year 2010.

    Love you.

  14. Eugene, Happy New Year 2010! 2009 has been great as I've met so many great bloggers and became good friends and you are one of them :D

    My wish list? Hmm... complicated.. too complicated..

  15. I want a lot of things for 2010. I want happiness and I want peace. I also don't want to worry. But if I can't have those...a bombastic sex life to spice up my marriage would do. LMAO...(Clef really gone case lerr!)

  16. HAPPY NEW YEAR bro...i love no 3 hahaaha

  17. May all ur wishes come true. Me? I wish for good health.
    Happy New Year to u too!

  18. I just did a post for my wish list in year 2010. Hehe.