Sunday, December 27, 2009

My most memorable 25th / 25th........

You know in life sometimes there are really things that can make you feel really happy and last night i just got the share of the most memorable Christmas day celebration, albeit a non- religious one.

It was a night of reunion celebration for the classes of 84 of my secondary school ,and co-incidentally it was also a Christmas day,therefore it made a double whammy for me,and last night i was truly happy.

Just imagine, we had so many of us (the old school mates) converging in a hotel ballroom with only one intention,that's to meet up with the old friends after 25 years that we have left our alma mater.(Chung Hwa Confusious Secondary School in Penang).

I was so happy to see that so many of my old school mates were doing so well now, many of them were having business of their own, and even those rascals way back then were also doing well now.

(The organising committees unveiling the backdrop marking the start of our 25th year reunion celebration, sincerely i appreciate these guys who had helped in so many way in cash and in kind)

(My old classmate that i have never met even once since we left school in 1984, i was so moved that i managed to meet up with him again, and i am glad that he is doing well in Sabah now.)

(The bunch of rascals,i mean back then when we were in school, see how they'd turned out to be now, "taukeh besar" lah and most importanly they are all happily married now)

(you can see the effort that the organising commitees had put in to make this reunion a blast and a succesful one. They made us feel like superstars, the Red Carpaet kind of thingy, and the photo calls, those that akin to those like Grammy awards, Oscar awards.)

P/S : When the olds meet,it surely feels like yesterday.................


  1. Sabah air must be good! You look young, but your friend looks even younger! Guess life is not as stressful here too! LOL!!!

  2. alamak....very cold until need to wear scarf?? ehehhehehe

    Yes reunions r good. bring back memories.

  3. wah..u look very hip hip among the males.. hehe... still like an old schoolboy .. anyone commented that while u were there?

  4. wow...u look the youngest and handsom-est bro!

  5. Wah! 1984! I was born that year! LOL...

  6. I am so happy for you.
    Reunions can be so fun!

  7. Eugene, frankly speaking, you look hawt!!! Very different from the others if you know what I mean ;)

    I always look forward to meeting my old schoolmates. ALWAYS!!! :)

  8. look very young! hahaa...very fashionable too. :D

  9. wow tat is such a long time ago hahahahha errrrr very cold ar? how come u wore scarf? AHHAHAAAA happy new year now bro.

  10. wow!! that was really something very meaningful.. i just missed our primary school reunion for 20th anniversary of graduation this year.. kudos to the committee for organising that, and they were wearing uniforms too, cool~~ :p