Thursday, December 10, 2009

I see Islam in him........

I got to know this customer of mine a few months back, he is a Chinese Muslim convert and his name is Mawardi Chew Abdullah,( I like that name), i love talking to him, simply because i can learn a lot from him.

I always tell him that i would argue with him if we talk about religion, but his mild demeanor and cultured character, and his patience always puts me at ease with him, dont know why but as i got to know him better, i got the answer.

Marwadi is a person who truly believes in the teaching of Islam, he knows the religion well, and just because he knows his religion well, he is all so humbled by what he'd learnt. He had never once potray himself like a messenger of God that tries to bulldoze his belief unto me and telling me how his religion is more superior than mine.

My praise, the elevation and the respect i have for Mawardi is not to promote Islam, but rather to reflect upon you and me, your faith, my belief. How many times have we come across somebody comes to you blankly, telling you if you do not believe in what he believes, you shall be doomed to hell, and how many times, when you need some religious elders to comfort you, they start telling you,you suffered because you are sinful.

If the religion that we embrace and profess cannot change us to be a person with compassion and love, to lend a ear to some friends, then what else can our religion do, i really wonder? Do we reserve our eternity only to those who we think are fitting for it, do we want our religion to only make us rich, do we stop someone from entering our sanctuary of worship because that someone is a sinner ,not worthy or infidel according to your standard?

I remember once, when i had some troubles with life, and i needed to talk to one of the pastors in my church of whom i regarded someone as inviting, instead he told me to make an appointment to see him the next day, what i wanted was only a few minutes of his time,from thereone, i just couldnt see Christ in him and everytime he stepped onto the pulpit to preach, i just felt that he was not the medium used by God.

Why cant your belief change you, or is it you wont let it change you? I see the truth of Islam when i see Mawardi, i feel the warmth of Islam, when i talk to Mawardi, I sense the serene of Islam, when i sit across him.

Can people around you see the religion you embrace in you and from you? Keep that answer to yourself

Q)What is the most hypocritical behaviour you ever heard from so called religious person?

For you to be different, try to be indifferent......

P/S : I Know We are All not God, and you'll look evil if you try to play God..


  1. i am not a very religious person, i called myself an atheist once. But i think that the problems dont lie in the religions per se but the people who preach them..and that is the scariest part of any religion.

  2. I have to agree with Manglish. It's the people who preach them.

    Gosh...I had my niece telling me that her schoolmates told her that those from other religion shall be doomed to hell. The kid was in Primary 1!

    Parents play a great role too. If they say the same thing, kids would just follow.

    And I cant stand those "religious" people who can't differential between religion and superstition

  3. I am not religious.. but I do respect what other religion as long as they are in the 'good' will!

  4. the one big mistake i see in those ''so called religioius'' kinda ppl is TO CONDEMN others. I dunno where they get it coz i havent come across a religion that tell us to do so.

    we dont need to act GOD, we juz do what GOD say thats good for us.

  5. I am not a religious person... I am a Christian but I don't go to church. Everyone is fine to me.. as long as they are doing good.

  6. very true! i think many people just do not get the essence of religion. a true believer will affect you with just the slightest of words and a true heart. "hard-selling" the religion is what many preachers do, but well, fail.

    religions all come down to the same thing, being a good person. :)

  7. Eugene, sorry to hear that the experiences u underwent with other christians discouraged u in your faith. I have also experienced what u had but i was thinking, WTH! they are they, i m me, i go church not to see them, I go church to worship and thank God... individually i feel it is the connection between God and self, the relationship between both of us... if we expect a lot from another, it might end up with more disappointments..
    for instance, one of my fren who is not a christian expects a saintly figure in me...i told her, hey, i m not a saint, i m just like u, the difference is that I have God whom I can rely on and talk to each day... i m not sinless... i always tell my christian frens, when we become christians, a lot of ppl expect us to be a sinless figure, which I feel is impossible while we r here on earth...
    gosh..what was i saying!! :P

  8. To me, all religions are good if you really practice it and not being a hypocrite. And, I recalled what my my pastor points out, we went to church to worship God and not choose to attend services if this or that pastor is preaching or not.

  9. I've got same opinion as Chrisau..
    all religions are good, is the human who makes them bad.

  10. dare to be different

    A smile from SJ =)

  11. Q)What is the most hypocritical behaviour you ever heard from so called religious person

    A) if you don't believe me, you will die horribly and rot in hell..

    HAHAHAHA.. that was the most ridiculous answer I've got so far.

  12. There's nothing wrong with the religion. Just some of the crazed zealots who give it a bad name.

  13. Acceptance not by force, but by understanding and respect.

    Quote HH The Dalai Lama, "My religion is loving kindness".

    You're blessed to have a wonderful friend. ^_^

  14. Hi there,
    When I was 8, a friend told me I was going to hell if I didn't convert to her religion...
    Born and bred a Christian,I don't condemn anyone else's religion since
    no religion preaches bad things,and for that reason also, no religion is superior over another.As long as people do what's right, we all answer for ourselves in the end :)

  15. I've been a Christian since young and there are still "Christians" out there who preaches about going to hell of don't convert.

    Religion and beliefs make people behave well. People will captivate from your lifestyle and your beliefs.

    You don't have to preach hell to ask them to be in heaven!

  16. I have always been a very spiritual person. I have no problem with any religion except the people. I appreciate what you see in Mawardi ( what a wonderful name!) and it is not easy to see that in a person, hence you are very bless.

    I can sympathize with you with your experience with your priest but again, Eugene, do not judge the priest as he is also just a human like all of us. You caught him at his weakest , at this incident, IT IS TRULY A TEST FROM GOD. Can you find the compassion to forgive him? To FORGIVE takes a lot of STRENGTH and To FORGET takes a lot of LOVE.

    Find the STRENGTH and LOVE within you.

    MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! (just kidding lah!)

  17. practise what you preach lo...:)that's the hard part. haha..

  18. A pastor once told me that religion is actually your relationship with God. How close is it between you and your Creator? and do people see Him in you? In our church we we're told that pastors is not God and we are not there to worship him and yes they are human too and they tend to do mistakes like you and me. Its not for us to judge him for what he has done but instead its up to us too choose whats the right thing to do, which will brings us closer to our Creator. I have a high respect for other people with other religion though we do not share the same believe but I do know all of us are just trying to get a better place on the other side =) peace!

  19. Hi Eugene. From your description, Mawardi is one very special person. I would love to spend time and talk to a person like that too. I believe God creates all mankind equally - with brain it is for us to think and seek him and his blessing.

    Have a nice day.

  20. I like this matter what religions..the most important thing is that we respect other person's religions and not to condemn...

  21. I get to know Mawardi well only after we became colleagues , even though we came from the same school. He is passionate about his religion, but he respects others' viewpoint and beliefs.

    You will find him a trustworthy and true friend. May God bless him